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In-house SEO Exchange @ SMX East

A Full-day of “Open the Kimono” Knowledge Sharing

The course was incredible and I can’t thank you enough!! If I could dream up the perfect SEO course to attend every year this would be it!

Brian Ledis, Product Developer, Thompson Reuters

The only event designed by in-house SEOs for in-house SEOs

In-House SEO Exchange
The In-house SEO Exchange at SMX is one full day exclusively dedicated 100% to in-house SEO, by in-house SEOs. This means that the types of challenges you face and the types of questions that you have can be discussed openly with people in the room.

Because attendees are all in-house SEOs, the walls come down and you get to talk to the people actually doing SEO at the big brands, build relationships and share solutions that you would normally only hear behind closed doors. There is no other workshop with this level of sharing.

Experience the Difference of the In-house SEO Exchange:

Address Enterprise-Level Technical Issues: Learn from a room full of others in e-commerce, publishing, lead-gen, and B2B, how they deal with unique technical issues in their applications. For example, the use of canonical tags, mitigating the negative effects of Penguin/Panda updates, integrating social media and UGC, improvements in search bots’ capabilities, etc.

Learn What Is in Powerful Reporting for Stakeholders: Find out the who, what, when, how other in-housers are reporting SEO metrics and KPIs to help demonstrate the value of SEO or build the business case for bigger SEO budgets.

Understand How to Manage SEO Across the Organization: Learn from top brands, the strategies they use for making SEO a bigger priority, distributing the workload to other positions, and integrating SEO into the workflow more seamlessly.

Trouble-Shoot SEO Strategies: Whether the focus for 2013 is doing a better job of local SEO on a national level, going through a major site-redesign, measuring the impact of link building campaigns, or expanding your online presence into foreign markets – someone at the In-house SEO Exchange will have been there before.

Get More from Your SEO Budget: Hear first-hand the experiences other enterprise-level SEOs have in getting the most value out of their SEO budget – have frank discussions on the must-have tools (and those that can be skipped), what gets outsourced (and recommended vendors), and even personal experiences with *gasp* paid links!

Get More Mileage from Your Work Week: Learn how to be a more efficient in-house SEO, leverage other roles in the organization and take away what other in-house SEOs are doing to shave time off their tasks.

And Much More: The In-house SEO Exchange and brainstorming is dynamic by nature. Attendees help set the agenda to ensure your most pressing SEO questions are addressed.

The In-house SEO Exchange is intimate: Facilitated discussions keep the conversations moving and foster relationship building. All of the participants are in-house SEOs.

Exchange Ideas with Industry Leaders:

Mingle with enterprise-level companies, facing your same challenges. Below is just a sample of the brands that have attended in the past.

In-house SEO Exchange Attendee Brands

Attendees Agree; It’s One of the Best Parts of SMX:

Comments from surveys and emails to us after the event:

The needs of search marketers doing SEO in-house are broader than the topics covered at most conferences. It’s not just about basic tactics: you also have to deal with organizational, political and process-related challenges. Insights into how to get past these hurdles often come from peers at other companies who either are or have been going through similar challenges. Having a day that is dedicated to enabling these conversations is priceless.

Olivier Lemaignen, Group Manager, Global Search Marketing – Intuit

The small group atmosphere lets you tap into the collective intelligence of talented search marketing experts from across the internet. Moreover, by meeting and sharing with these individuals, you have the opportunity to establish friendships and grow your network of resources – a HUGE plus for future conferences.

Attendee from SMX Advanced

The opportunity to just sit and bounce ideas off others in a semi-guided and themed way was unique and clearly the best bit…pub meets never have that kind of focus, and those kind of conversations rarely flourish in a standard conference situation. Understanding and agreeing that what was said in the room stayed in the room allowed for a much free-er discussion and I think was really valuable for everyone.

Attendee from SMX Advanced

What Makes this Event Especially Great for In-house SEOs?

I loved that it was centered around the questions of each attendee. Your format for the In-House SEO exchange is right on.

Enterprise-Level In-house SEO, Attendee from SMX Advanced

The best component is being able to interact with other in-house search marketers and bounce ideas off each other. I would recommend it for this reason.

In-house SEO, – Kelley Blue Book

What Was Your Big Take-away?

I came away with really good knowledge that will help me put together our long term plan.

Attendee from SMX East

Everyone in attendance was helpful and encouraging. I feel as if I gained a whole support group in one day.

Gretchen Heying, – ExOfficio

The connections that I made from those round tables were truly valuable.

Chase Johnson, CHG Healthcare, SMX Advanced

Outstanding Value – Register Now!

Register today to ensure your spot. Seating is limited. Here are the two ways to attend:


Interested in sending a team? Check out our special Team Rates!

There are a limited number of tickets available.

* Requirements to Attend:
You must be willing to share your experiences, insights, lessons learned and contribute to the Exchange. You must be an in-house SEO professional to attend (not employed by a company offering search marketing services).

If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Bowman at 415-990-3407.

In-house SEO Exchange will be held Thursday, June 4 at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center. The seminar will begin promptly at 9:00am; please arrive at least 15 minutes early to register and pick up your course materials. Breakfast, lunch and snacks will be served.

More about your Host

Jessica Bowman
Jessica Bowman

Jessica Bowman – Host

Identified as one of the industry’s top in-house SEOs, Jessica Bowman is now the founder of SEOinhouse.com, a leading advocate for in-house SEO and known for getting in-house SEO programs up and running quickly, systematically and profitably. Jessica tells it like it is, with candid, realistic advice about SEO strategy, tactics, and implementation options.

From IT to SEO: Jessica brings a different perspective than many search marketers on how to execute SEO by integrating it into existing systems and processes. Her diverse experience in project management, website usability and process analysis gives her the insight to ask the right questions in the right order to identify the best approach for implementing SEO.

Jessica isn’t just a “tech geek”… she has a talent for figuring out what a company needs and what it doesn’t need, identifying where the focus should be, pointing out what isn’t worth the effort, and taking action to start maximizing a company’s SEO efforts. A long-time advocate of in-house SEO, Jessica can show you how to leverage your existing resources and talent to produce the maximum return on SEO investment.

Scott Laughlin
Duane Forrester
Sr. Product Manager – Webmaster Outreach

Duane Forrester – Speaker

Duane Forrester is a Sr. Product Manager with Bing’s Webmaster Program. Previously, he was an inhouse SEM running the SEO program for MSN in the US & Americas. He’s also the founding co-chair of SEMPO’s In-House SEM Committee, was formerly on the Board of Directors for SEMPO and is the author of two books: How To Make Money With Your Blog & Turn Clicks Into Customers.

Duane was a moderator at www.searchengineforums.com and maintains his own blog at www.theonlinemarketingguy.com. When writing for Search Engine Land, Duane’s main focus was on in-house search marketing, both what it took to manage it, and who folks were in the industry.

Robin Aguilar Francis
Cory Haldeman
SEO Manager
Verizon Wireless

Cory Haldeman – Speaker

Cory Haldeman is the SEO Manager for Verizon Wireless and the former Director of Digital Marketing – SEO Consulting & Founder of Bedouin Interactive. Cory has often been dubbed an online marketing guru, “funniest SEO consultant alive, to date,” and was first runner-up for “prettiest eyes” his senior year of high school.

Since graduating from the University of Iowa in 2003, with a Bachelors degree in comparative religious studies, Cory has worked as a SEO and Online Marketing consultant. Through Bedouin Interactive Cory has helped companies from a multitude of industries leverage the power of SEO and online marketing, to successfully grow their businesses and realize their marketing objectives.

In the summer of 2011, Cory joined Global Performance Marketing Agency, Performics, to provide data driven marketing solutions to Fortune 500 clients. In the summer of 2012 Cory left behind the world of consulting and joined Verizon Wireless, as their inaugural SEO Manager.

Cory holds a Masters Certification in Web Analytics, as well as Practitioners Certifications in Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Online PR.

Warren Lee
Christi Olson
Sr Manager of Online Partner Marketing

Christi Olson – Speaker

Christi Olson is the Sr Manager of Online Partner Marketing at Expedia. In her current role, Christi manages the Expedia and TripAdvisor advertising relationship, helping consumers find the best price available for their travel plans. In the last year advertising within the travel industry has quickly moved to a CPC based auction with travel prices displayed. Christi is leading the meta (priced) based initiatives bringing expertise and best practices from Search Marketing and Comparison Shopping to customer acquisition strategy, bidding methodology, testing and landing page optimization in this developing market place. Christi is an expert in integrating digital marketing tactics to create profitable and scalable customer acquisition strategies.

Warren Lee
Jamie Cottle
Product Manager SEO

Jamie Cottle – Speaker

Jamie Cottle (Nordstrom) started her career in SEO in 2007 as an SEO Editor and eventually became the SEO Product Manager at Intelius.com, a Bellevue startup company focused on aggregating data around people. Jamie currently in-house as the SEO Project Manager for Nordstrom.com, where she enjoys her time coordinating with various divisions, working on several interesting SEO projects from start to completion, and engaging with other fashion enthusiasts.

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