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SMX East Theater Presentation Schedule

New York, NY: October 24 – October 25, 2017

SMX Theater presentations will be held between noon and 6:45pm on October 24 and 10:00am-3:25pm on October 25. No presentations October 26.

All SMX attendees are invited to attend educational sessions from leading search marketing companies in the SMX Theater. Participating companies will present case studies, best practices and solution demonstrations. The SMX Theater schedule will be posted soon!

Remember, the SMX Theater is FREE to all attendees, including Expo+ pass holders. Don’t miss the valuable presentations in the SMX Theater on the Expo Hall floor Tuesday, October 24 and Wednesday, October 25.

Tuesday - September 27, 2016
Time Theater A Theater B

Bruce Clay, Inc.
Linkless Attribution - Why What People Say Will Matter More Than Ever
Bruce Clay, Founder & President

With links remains such a hot topic across the industry, it's obvious that the engines should be seeking signals other than links to feed the algorithm. But what to trust? Join us as we examine linkless attribution and the possible role it will play in the future of your business.


Page One Power
Link Building Campaigns: 5 Foundations for Success
Colby Stream, Project Manager

Link building remains one of the core components of getting found online, but the strategies of a successful link building campaign have shifted in the last few years. You need to learn the foundations of link building if you want to implement effective link building strategies.


Majestic For Link Building, Content Marketing & Digital PR
Mel Carson, U.S. Brand Ambassador

Link data is not just for search marketing and SEO. In this session, you’ll hear the latest and greatest developments from Majestic plus how companies are getting creative with links to help develop, track and optimize digital PR and content marketing campaigns. We’ll also be talking about our #MajesticInSpace project which is literally out of this world!


BKA Content
4 Ways To Humanize Your Social Media Posts
Matt Secrist, VP Business Development

Do you have a hard time getting people to interact with you on social media? Chances are you haven’t “humanized” your brand enough for it to be approachable. Find out how to authentically engage with your fans and followers to create lasting emotional connections.


How To Report On Your True Mobile CPA
Kelley Schultz, Digital Marketing Lead

Every digital marketer relies heavily on having as much data at their fingertips as possible to accurately optimize campaigns. But measuring offline conversions is where we seem to find the black hole. If you aren't measuring offline call conversions, then chances are high that you're misrepresenting your true CPA from mobile devices. Join us as we demonstrate within a live AdWords UI how to report on offline conversions such as phone calls (right next to your online conversions), see your true mobile CPA, and use this data to make more accurate optimizations. Raffle Prize: $100 American Express gift card.


The Clickstream - Learn Even More About Your Customers Online Activity Than You Thought Possible
Eli Goodman, VP of Sales

Eli and Jumpshot invite you to learn how you can leverage clickstream data to gain a deeper understanding into your site's or any other site's visitors. Eli will walk you through an analysis of Nike's business seen across multiple lenses, including Campaign Effectiveness, Audience Analytics, and Marketplace Reports.


Expand Your Marketing With Creative Keyword Research
Martin Weinberg, Director of Marketing, US

Looking for creative campaigns? Stuck in the same research rut? Want fresh keyword concepts? The data is out there, you just need to know where to look. Learn actionable strategies and tactics that will help you uncover untapped marketing potential and discover exciting new directions for your organic, paid and social initiatives. Raffle Prize: 3 months of SEMrush Guru account.


Four Keys to Great Content
Philip Thune, CEO - Americas

Content Marketing works by building your brand's reputation as a trusted source of expert knowledge about your industry, products, and services while also impressing search engines, which should improve rankings over time. But how do you get started? Phillip Thune will discuss the four keys to writing great content, helping you understand your audience, attitude, goals, and keywords, whether you are writing the content yourself, using internal resources, or outsourcing.


Introducing Audience Search: Innovation to Increase Conversion & ROI
Malinda Gagnon, Sr. Partner, Head of Product Development & Technology and James Cooley, Partner, Group Director

New to Audience Search? Attend this session and prepared to be wowed. You’ll leave this session with an understanding of how Catalyst has married programmatic audience buying and paid search advertising to revolutionize how paid search performs and works in the wider media mix. Recognized as a 2016 Landy Award finalist for the Best B2C SEM Initiative (Enterprise) category, Audience Search is creating a cohesive consumer experience across all digital touch points and greatly improving return on clients’ paid search investments. Attend this session to learn how you can leverage Audience Search to improve campaign performance! Raffle Prize: $100 Amex gift card


SEO Powersuite
Taming the Spiders: Optimize Your Crawl Budget to Boost Indexation and Rankings
Yauhen Khutarniuk, Head of SEO

Search engine crawling is one of those SEO factors that are paid surprisingly little attention. And yet, in any industry, crawl budget is something we can – and should – optimize for SEO success. In this presentation, Yauhen Khutarniuk is going to walk you through the basic crawling-related concepts, the mechanics behind how search engines assign crawl budgets to websites, and tips to help you make the best use of your crawl budget to maximize rankings and traffic. Raffle Prize: An SEO PowerSuite Enterprise license.


Stone Temple Consulting
Fresh Data on the Power of Links
Eric Enge, CEO

A brief overview of the presentation: New data from a comprehensive study we did shows that link remain a very powerful ranking factor. Come to this session to learn what the data tells us, and how content marketing can help drive your business reputation, visibility, and SEO all at the same time. Raffle Prize: The Art of SEO, 3rd Edition by Eric Enge.


What Pokemon Go, Snapchat, And The Future of Search Have In Common
Ray Nijjer, VP Community, Yext

With more than half of all searches occurring on mobile devices, it is critical for businesses to provide consumers with the precise answers they are looking for as they search. Search pivots around structured data, giving searchers not just information about a business’ location, but what a business provides and what a consumer might expect to find as they search. Nowadays, it is necessary for businesses to understand the fundamental shift in consumer behavior so that they can feed search engines the information that will populate the desired results. What is your business doing to incorporate structured data into its SEO strategy? Yext’s Raj Nijjer will discuss the opportunity that businesses have to “speak search engine” and leverage structured data to provide consumers with the most relevant, timely, and accurate information -- ultimately helping turn searches into sales.


Whoop! by smec
Optimize Google Shopping With The Help Of Euclid
Christian Scharmuller, Head of Sales of Smarter Ecommerce

Google Shopping - THE most developing marketing platform for retailers - and yet still under-utilized by many. Jump in with Chris, who will not only show you the most common pitfalls, but rather how to avoid them! Too often, advertising money is burnt by simple things, such as wrong campaign structures. Dive in into PLAs and see how bidding algorithms can assist you and your business. Hint: there will be a new Google feature revealed!


Leverage TV Ads to Improve Both Brand & Non-brand Search Performance
Eliott Reilhac, CEO

<p>Google's Data show that in the minutes following a TV ad, search volume increases. "Two-thirds of smartphone owners search [after seeing a TV ad]." TVTY's CEO will be discussing how advertisers/agencies can leverage real-time moments, such as TV ads, to improve search campaign performance. Raffle Prize: Apple TV</p>

Wednesday - September 28, 2016
Time Theater A Theater B

5 Tips On Bridging The Online/Offline Attribution Gap
Lauren Ishimaru, Senior Product Marketer

Learn how savvy marketers at Allstate are creatively using the latest AdWords conversion reporting and other data available in AdWords and Analytics to automate targeting, messaging, and bidding across their online and offline campaigns.


Sweet iQ
Drive In-Store Traffic Through Online Search
Michael Mire, Co-Founder & CRO

With 81% of shoppers conducting online research before purchasing in-store, ensuring your brand is found online is essential to driving traffic to your locations. Learn all about the new local ecosystem, the implications it has on your marketing strategies and where local marketing is headed in the next five years with Michael Mire of SweetIQ.


Marketer, Meet Audience
Michael O'Connell, Demand Generation Manager

The tire kicker, the browser, the accidental clicker. Can you tell the difference between who’s actually in market and who’s dropping in by mistake? Learn how to leverage Quantcast’s free tool Measure and distinguish a prospect from a person from a mile away. Use that information to inform your marketing mix and hear how Quantcast uses our live view of the internet to deliver insights and incredibly accurate digital advertising. Raffle: Apple Watch


Grade Us, Inc.


Driving SEO Performance with Crawl Budget Optimization
Alex Schaefer, Vice President, North America

A brief talk answering these questions: Why is crawl budget such an important SEO issue? What are the major factors to consider in optimizing crawl budget? How do you build crawl budget optimization into your SEO processes


Log Files: 5 Critical Tech SEO Questions Your Logs Can Answer
Mark Thomas, VP Growth

Log file analysis underpins Security, IT Ops, Application Management, and many other functions in your firm. Log analysis should also be the bedrock of your Technical SEO strategy. This presentation is going to tell you why.


Social 2.0: Going Beyond Likes to Maximize ROI
Kieley Taylor, Partner, Paid Social Practice Director

Is your social ROI not adding up? You're not alone. We’re now in a new era of social media, with new rules for success. Catalyst has helped brands drive revenue and realize returns by embracing this new world of social 2.0. You'll leave this session with tips to improve your paid social performance and maximize your return. Raffle Prize: $100 AmEx gift card


Demand Fuel
5 Paid Search Strategies for Driving Leads
Eric Lawrence, Senior Consultant

You've burned through a ton of cash trying to optimize your paid search campaigns -- are you confident in the results yet? A paid search strategy of "AdWords defaults" brings about nothing but high costs and low lead quality. In managing hundreds of millions of dollars in ad spend for clients, we've discovered what works and what doesn't. Pack your funnel with these 5 simple, yet heavy-hitting strategies to open your eyes to the profitable lead-driving potential of paid search.


Lead Giant
Take Advantage Of The Mobile Age And Monetize Calls
Nermin Hadzikadunic, President

Learn how to take advantage of the growth of phone calls and explore new marketing channels on a performance basis through pay per call. Why pay for clicks if you can get phone calls?


Faber Company
You Don't Have To Beat RankBrain: How To Create Great Content Using Natural Language Processing To Understand User Intent
Kazunari Shirataki, Marketing Planner

Making great content is essential for SEO, but takes lots of time and energy. In this session, we will tell you how to create great content efficiently that satisfies the end user by making the most use of our original web marketing tool made in Japan.


Reputation Management
Kelly Victor, Director of Agency Partners

Join this informative session about Reputation Management. Raffle Prize: Beats Pill



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