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SMX West Theater Presentation Schedule

San Jose, CA: March 1-2, 2016

SMX Theater presentations will be held between noon and 6:45pm on March 1 and 10:00am-3:25pm on March 2. No presentations March 3.

All SMX attendees are invited to attend educational sessions from leading search marketing companies in the SMX Theater. Participating companies will present case studies, best practices and solution demonstrations. The schedule below tells you about the companies presenting and what they’ll discuss.

Remember, the SMX Theater is FREE to all attendees, including Expo+ pass holders. Don’t miss the valuable presentations in the SMX Theater on the Expo Hall floor Tuesday, March 1 and Wednesday, March 2.

Tuesday - March 1, 2016
Time Theater A Theater B

Bruce Clay, Inc.
Linkless Attribution - Why What People Say Will Matter More Than Ever
Duane Forrester, Vice President, Organic Search Operations

With links remains such a hot topic across the industry, it's obvious that the engines should be seeking signals other than links to feed the algorithm. But what to trust? Join us as we examine linkless attribution and the possible role it will play in the future of your business.


Compete And Optimize Like A Rockstar With Bing Ads
Eric Couch, Client Development & Training Manager

Optimizing, understanding and competing in today’s search marketplace is harder than ever. Leveraging their many years of experience in PPC, the Bing Ads Academy will walk you through the tools and tactics you’ll need to beat the competition. In this session you’ll learn about the following:

  • Unorthodox ways to analyze your competitive landscape.
  • How to achieve some truly crazy PPC tasks with Microsoft Excel.
  • Audience sizing and demographic tools you can use to better understand your audience.

Backlink Analysis and Link Removal: The New Reputation Management
Todd Bailey, Brand Ambassador (US)

With a hardened evolution of major search engines focusing on evaluating a websites backlink profile, it has become a business unto itself with agencies offering Link Analysis & Removal services. Todd Bailey shows how you can save time and money by doing this process on your own, as well as how to proactively set yourself up to monitor backlinks.


Page One Power
Link Building Done Right: Still Vital in Search
Michael Johnson, SEO Specialist

Is your site getting the links it deserves? Are you pursuing links that will stand the test of time (and Google’s Penguin algorithm)? It’s 2016 and links are still a dominate ranking factor. Learn what's new in SEO and link acquisition, and what’s the same as it ever was.


Living In Harmony: Paid Search & Search Optimization
Mark Irvine, Senior Data Scientist

PPC & SEO are synergistic. No matter your focus, having insight into the reciprocal value of these practices will only enhance your current strategy.


New Jupiter Media
Holistic Digital Marketing
Todd T. Rodenborn, Founder & CEO

The importance of a well rounded digital marketing strategy that utilizes multiple paid platforms (Search, Display, Social, & Programmatic). Hot Point Topics will include important Google and Bing products, along with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn advertising and a plethora of programmatic vendors.


Delivering Content and Data for Growth: The Inside Track to Fanatics’ Stories
Jordan Koene, VP Professional Services and Chief Evangelist

To secure optimal site visibility, content is more important than ever to weave into your SEO repertoire. Fanatics, the world’s largest online retailer of officially licensed sports merchandise, is using a unique combination of search and content strategy tactics to ensure they’re capturing traffic from their niche eCommerce audience. In this interview style Q&A session with Fanatics VP of Growth and SEO, Dennis Goedegbuure, facilitated by Searchmetrics Chief Evangelist, Jordan Koene, you’ll get the inside track on the tools, approaches, and trends this top 50 Internet Retailer Company is leveraging to ensure success.


Stone Temple Consulting
The Scope of the Impact of RankBrain
Eric Enge, CEO

In October, Google broke the news of a new algorithm called RankBrain, a new algo designed to help Google better understand user search queries. But how big has the impact been? This presentation will provide the answer based on a detailed study of queries that Stone Temple Consulting tested both in July 2015 and January 2016. In addition, learn how to think about the impact of RankBrain and how it impacts your SEO strategy.


Sweet iQ
Offline Conversions = Local Search ROI
Michael Mire, Co-Founder & CRO

Understanding online to offline (O2O) attribution is a necessity for marketers. But, what does O2O really mean? How does it work? And are we really there yet as an industry? SweetIQ breaks down where O2O attribution is today and walks through a workable O2O model to measure Local Search ROI.


Three Key Tactics To Boost Website Conversion From SEO & SEM Traffic
Ashhad Syed, CEO

ApexChat will provide actionable items that will help you move your website visitors down the marketing and sales funnel. They'll also demonstrate how to use Live Chat to increase conversion while also boosting Average Time on Site (ranking factor).

Wednesday - March 2, 2016
Time Theater A Theater B
10:15am - 10:35am

BKA Content
Content Marketing: How to Keep Your Blog Readers Coming Back for More
Greg Secrist, CEO

Every company blog aspires to have a loyal following, but how is it accomplished? Learn what makes your returning readers tick, as well as how to satisfy their expectations with your content.

10:35am - 10:55am      

The Easiest Way To Create Search-Friendly Content At Scale
Ryan Buckley, COO and Head of Partnership

This presentation will address: Problem: Put the lessons from this expo to practice Direct, practical tips on how to increase content creation without breaking your budget Original, high-quality content (no spam!)


The 7 Commandments To Drive Calls And Sales From Mobile Ads
Jonathon Byrd, Product Marketing Manager

Thanks to smartphones and “Call” buttons, mobile search, social, and display advertising will drive over 100 billion calls to US businesses alone in 2016. And those calls drive revenue. Isn’t it time you got serious about call conversions? Learn about the 7 commandments digital marketers must follow to drive calls and sales from mobile ads in 2016. Are you following them all? Attend this session to find out, and be entered to a win $100 AmEx gift card.


3 Stupid Website Redesign Mistakes Your Company Will Make That Will Cost You Your Job
Jacob Hagberg, Founder

Do you work in-house or at an agency? In the near future, someone will suggest a website redesign or re-platform. Getting this right will make you look like a hero, but getting this wrong might cause a 90% drop in non-brand traffic and conversion. At this point you can pretty much kiss your job goodbye. After attending this session, you will be armed with the technical knowledge and forward thinking you will need to avoid these common and costly mistakes.


Revealing "Not Provided" And Tieing Keywords To Conversions Using Clickstream Data
Alex Hendricks, Product Manager

Most existing keyword research tools lack in 2 areas: 1) They make lots of assumptions to estimate traffic volumes. 2) They don't include conversion data. Jumpshot will explain how access to clickstream data is changing the game and giving control back to the marketers.


Razor Rank
5 Critical Areas Of SEO In 2016 With High impact On ROI
Joseph Corral, Product Marketing Manager, Performance Solutions

Increase the visibility of your products and services; Joseph Mas will present 5 Critical Areas of SEO which you can implement to get an immediate lift in search results for ecommerce and informational websites. Joseph Mas, president of Razor Rank, has a proven track record of helping big brands and Fortune 500 Companies increase their visibility, sales and ROI.


What Analyzing 22,032 Local Listings Revealed to Me About Google Reviews
Brodie Tyler, Founder

It required lots of hours and monotonous data entry, but my personal analysis of Google’s local search results confirmed what I only thought was true: Quantity of reviews have a direct affect on a company’s ranking in the local search results. In this presentation I’ll cover the top three statistics that developed from my analysis, along with what they mean for a local business.

3:25pm Theaters Conclude Theaters Conclude

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