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Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. Learn the time-tested and latest social media advertising tactics at SocialPro.


Facebook Lead Ads. Twitter Audience Platform. Pinterest customer data targeting. Mobile tactics for Instagram. Snapchat. The number of social media advertising channels and options is expanding geometrically. Keep up. Attend Marketing Land’s SocialPro conference.

But the networks are just one part of the puzzle. That’s why SocialPro delivers the paid social media marketing tactics you need to know to organize your data, increase conversions and solve attribution uncertainty… once and for all! You’ll even learn the top 10 social media advertising hacks of all time.

SocialPro features the following paid sessions

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The rise of the "Real Time Marketing Moment" (RTMM) has prompted many consumer product brands to have their war rooms ready during live sporting and cultural events, taking an active role in the conversation happening online.

Some RTMMs are one-hit wonders, while others are embarrassing corporate blunders. How'd the Super Bowl go for you, Red Lobster?!!

But RTMMs don't have to be left to chance. With the proper planning, social media marketers are getting results by executing real-time marketing that is on-message, brand-centric, culturally relevant and innovative.

Want to do RTMMs right? Attend this session for case studies from social teams inside large brands and the agencies that support them.

Moderator: Pamela Parker, Contributing Editor, Search Engine Land, (@pamelaparker)


Earl Hwang
Social Media Supervisor

Earl Hwang - PMG

Earl Hwang, social media supervisor at PMG, is the strategy lead for the agency's largest social accounts. His work on campaigns for Apple, J.Crew, KEEN, and other top retail brands has been recognized for not only successfully engaging audiences but also for delivering sales impact.

Some of his most notable work has come from campaigns for Beats by Dre that transcended media and became pop culture movements. They include #SoloSelfie, Rugby World Cup, and #StraightOutta.

Earl regularly speaks at social media and marketing conferences, including events sponsored by the American Advertising Federation (AAF) and the Social Media Club of Fort Worth. He attended New York University and the University of Texas. As you'd expect, you can find him on all major social networks.

Jordan Kasteler
Marketing Consultant
Marketing Consultant

Jordan Kasteler - Marketing Consultant

Jordan Kasteler is the Director of SEO for the agency, MWI. He has a history of entrepreneurship, co-founding and serving positions in such companies as BlueGlass Interactive, an Internet marketing agency, and SteelCast, a tech incubator housing several other self-started companies. His work experience ranges from in-house SEO at, marketing strategy at PETA, and to agency-level SEO. Jordan is also an international conference speaker, blogger, and book author of A to Z: Social Media Marketing.

Paul Meyers
Director, Digital Marketing
Pabst Brewing Co.

Paul Meyers - Pabst Brewing Co.

Paul Meyers is a marketing professional who has been running all digital and social media efforts at Pabst Brewing Co. for the past 3 years. This includes a portfolio of roughly 30 brands-Pabst Blue Ribbon, Rainier, Olympia, Tsingtao, and Not Your Father's Root Beer, to name a few. Prior to Pabst, Paul worked with Audi of America to build all branded social media channels and initiatives. Paul graduated with a bachelor's degree in American Literature and Culture from UCLA and is a native of California-he currently resides in Los Angeles.

The winners on this vast and growing social ecosystem — Instagram, Facebook Audience Network, and Facebook itself — are those who craft effective ads, sculpt efficient targeting criteria and audiences, and understand the nuances of each of the networks.

In this session, you'll learn advanced tactics for increasing conversions and sales from Facebook and Instagram. We'll cover what's worked and what hasn't in various ad types, including video, and share tracking and measurement tips to ensure you're getting keen insights on how your Facebook and Instagram campaigns are performing to meet your goals.

Moderator: Ginny Marvin, Contributing Editor, Marketing Land, (@ginnymarvin)


Earl Hwang
Dave Roth
Emergent Digital

Dave Roth - Emergent Digital

Dave Roth founded Emergent Digital in order to use digital marketing to make the world a better place. B-Corps, nonprofits, social enterprises, green technologies and educators now benefit from the same strategies that drive billions in profit to the Fortune 100.

Roth recently served as Vice President, Marketing at Move, Inc. parent company of There, he oversaw paid and organic Search, Affiliate, Mobile and Social Marketing for the Company. Prior to his arrival at Move, Dave was Sr. Director of Search and Affiliate Marketing at Yahoo!, Inc. He holds an MBA from UC San Diego and a BA in Sociology from UC Berkeley.

John Lee
Managing Partner
Clix Marketing

John Lee - Clix Marketing

Paul Meyers
Cameron McNeil
Client Partner

Cameron McNeil - Facebook

Cameron McNeil is a Client Partner in Retail at Facebook. Cameron has been with Facebook for 3 years managing retail clients out of our New York, and now the Seattle office. Prior to Facebook, Cameron served in various roles at iCrossing across account and media management, where he led a team of media managers is day-to-day search media optimization and campaign management. Cameron received an MBA in Marketing and Operations from New York University, and a BA in Advertising from Brigham Young University.

Twitter is rapidly maturing as an ad platform and provides powerful capabilities such as:

  • New and enhanced ad formats.
  • Targeting capabilities.
  • Attribution tracking features.

The company has also expanded audience reach beyond Twitter itself with the Twitter Audience Platform that includes more formats, including video, native ads, banners and interstitials.

Learn the tactics the experts use to maximize (and measure) results from Promoted Tweets for top-, middle- and bottom-of-the-funnel success.

Moderator: Ginny Marvin, Contributing Editor, Marketing Land, (@ginnymarvin)


Dave Roth
Sahil Jain
CEO and Co-Founder
AdStage Inc.

Sahil Jain - AdStage Inc.

Sahil Jain is the co-founder and CEO of AdStage. He co-founded his first company, YC & SV Angel backed at 20. He dropped out of UC Berkeley, where he studied Philosophy and Econ, to join AOL Corp Devt. at 19, dropped out of High School to join Yahoo! Mobile at 17 and worked in the professional video game industry before that.

He has some really unique digital advertising experience, especially when it comes to PPC advertising because we're the only company in the world that supports self-service access to advertising on five networks (Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Twitter Ads). He's spoken at length on topics like content marketing, online advertising, as well as topics like wearables and advertising.

John Lee
Geoff Colon
Group Product Marketing Manager

Geoff Colon - Microsoft

Geoffrey Colon is a Communications Designer, Social Data Expert and Growth Marketer at Microsoft for the Bing Ads product based in Bellevue, Washington. In his role, Geoffrey leads a scrum team of search and social media marketers and data analysts who create, execute and measure digitally-driven strategies to help drive education and adoption of the Bing Ads product by small to medium sized businesses and premium marketers and advertisers. He is also a subject matter expert on personal branding, the DIY economy, social data, socializing the enterprise, content marketing and disruptive innovation.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Geoffrey was vice president of digital strategy at Ogilvy & Mather in New York City. In that role, Geoffrey created and executed tactical social strategies for a variety of business divisions within IBM including Mobile, Cloud, Systems and Technology, Midmarket, Software and the Smarter Planet brand. He authored several of the top thought leadership pieces for the agency including one on content as the new currency for Fast Company.

Colon has spent 20 years in digital marketing working for and with several of the most influential brands including Coca-Cola, Kraft, Spotify, Netflix, American Express, The Economist, UPS, USA Network, WWE, History Channel, A&E, Food Network and Smirnoff.

Mr. Colon is a 1994 graduate of Lehigh University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Communications and a minor in Political Science. He has over 20 years of experience in left-of-center marketing techniques.

Geoffrey is host of the weekly podcast Disruptive FM on the Spreaker network, is a LinkedIn influencer and blogs at He has been quoted in various publications and media outlets including Marketplace, NPR, Wall Street Journal, Billboard Magazine and Digiday. Colon is currently working on his first business book "Disruptive Marketing, Disciplined Results" due out in January 2016 on AMACOM Publishing.

Cameron McNeil
Nate Wright
Product Marketing Manager

Nate Wright - Twitter

Nate is a product marketing manager for performance advertising products at Twitter. In partnership with the product and sales teams, he helps drive awareness and adoption of Twitter's ads products for direct response advertisers. Prior to joining Twitter in 2014, Nate held multiple roles at Groupon, where he managed marketing programs and activities across consumer and small business marketing.

Nate earned an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and a BS in Economics from Boston College.

Facebook's News Feed is a black box. What makes up this mysterious algorithm? How is organic content ranked? What constitutes an optimized Facebook post?

Join us for this eye-opening session featuring a diverse panel of marketers set to answer your burning questions about the ever-elusive News Feed.

Moderator: Lauren Donovan, Community Manager, Search Engine Land and Marketing Land, (@beebow)


Sahil Jain
Maggie Malek
Head of Public Relations & Social Media
MMI Agency

Maggie Malek - MMI Agency

Maggie is the Head of Social Media at MMI Agency, where she works with a team to lead both B2B and B2C brands in creating award-winning integrated campaigns that include paid, owned and earned media as well as experiential programs and events that ladder up to overall business goals. Over the past 10 years, Maggie has launched and managed large online communities for brands with hundreds of thousands of fans, implemented and managed robust social customer care programs, launched paid social strategies that reach millions, and managed events with hundreds of thousands of attendees for clients in various fields including real estate, fashion, energy, sports and medicine. Maggie is a frequent public speaker at social media and public relations conferences including regular contributions to #CMGRHangout, the Women in Information Technology Conference at Texas A&M, the Interactive Strategies Conference, and the CultureMap Connect Social Media series.

Geoff Colon
Karianne Stinson
Marketing Manager

Karianne Stinson - Microsoft

Karianne is a marketing manager at Microsoft, managing social media marketing for the Microsoft Surface products. Before joining Microsoft, she was the Social Media Manager for, creating and executing all of the social media efforts across all channels. Prior to, Karianne was a senior strategist at Mediabrands Publishing, a digital content creation agency. At Mediabrands Publishing Karianne was involved in creating digital marketing programs to increase awareness, build customer loyalty and drive growth for brands such as Chrysler, Nationwide Insurance and BNY Mellon. Karianne has a decade of social media and digital marketing experience with clients including HTC, Wells Fargo, MapQuest, Claritin, Coppertone and Juniper Networks.

As organizations accelerate their push to integrate online and offline marketing, it's crucial to understand how social ads fit into the big picture. Social media certainly contributes to enhanced brand exposure, but it also can boost customer engagement and satisfaction, lead to measurably improved ROI and more.

In this session, our panelists offer case studies that illustrate what success (and failure) looks like in today's complex multi-channel environment.

Moderator: Chris Sherman, Partner & VP Event Programming, Third Door Media, Inc., (@CJSherman)


Maggie Malek
Sana Ansari
General Manager
3Q Digital

Sana Ansari - 3Q Digital

Sana Ansari, General Manager of 3Q Accelerate, has worked in digital marketing since 2009. Sana's expertise in SEM, the Google Display Network, landing page optimization, copy and creative optimization, remarketing, and driving lead quality has been fueled by a data-centric methodology reinforced in all of her team members. In her time at 3Q, she has been responsible for driving some of the agency's greatest success stories, taking companies with limited budgets and big ideas and turning them into names familiar across the country.

Karianne Stinson
Sarah Humphrey
Director of Social Media
Page Zero Media

Sarah Humphrey - Page Zero Media

As the Director of Social Media at Page Zero Media, I manage our clients' social media strategies in coordination with our SEO and content marketing team. During the past three years, I have devised and managed social and content strategies for large brands and e-commerce-based businesses alike.

Before discovering my interest in digital marketing, I earned a Master of Science degree in Physiology from the University of Western Ontario. A few years later, after realizing my true calling, I earned a Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management. To give back to the educational community that spurred my interest, I'm a visiting instructor in both Google Analytics and Google AdWords at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario.

My scientific background in Physiology, fascination with social media and passion for technology and communication enables me to deliver a unique combination of content-driven but analytically designed social campaigns.

Nate Wright
David Zelniker
Product Manager

David Zelniker - Kenshoo

As a Product Manager at Kenshoo, David works tirelessly to develop and fine-tune agile marketing solutions that enable marketers to identify the perfect mix of social, search, mobile display, video and more. An instrumental member of the team that launched Kenshoo's support for the Instagram API in 2015, David works closely with Kenshoo clients - agencies, brands and performance marketers - to illuminate and activate the full value of their social media investments.

David has extensive experience working in cross-functional team environments - delivering on multi-channel product launches and a proven track record of delivering great products driven by a relentless focus on user experience. Prior to joining Kenshoo, David managed multi-channel marketing for the ALDO Group, founded and led, and worked in a variety of other vendor management, marketing and research positions.

David holds an MBA from University of Oxford and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University.

Learn uncommon tips, strategies and processes for getting 10-100x more value from paid ad campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, including how to drive exponentially more traffic to your content and convert 3-5x more of those clicks into leads and sales - all for less than $50 per campaign. You'll take away critical insights into how the algorithms of paid social media advertising really work, and as a bonus learn how to get to the top of Digg, Hacker News, Reddit, Medium, Linkedin Pulse and other alternative channels.

Moderator: Chris Sherman, Partner & VP Event Programming, Third Door Media, Inc., (@CJSherman)


Sana Ansari
Larry Kim
Founder & CTO

Larry Kim - WordStream

Larry Kim is the founder of WordStream, a leading search marketing software and services provider based in Boston, managing approximately a half-Billion in annual ad spend across over thousands of customers. He regularly shares his advice and insight with over a million visitors a month at his WordStream Blog and is a top contributor for leading industry publications including, Search Engine Land, Social Media Examiner and Social Media Today.

Larry has spoken at or keynoted numerous industry events including INBOUND, SearchLove, SMX, ClickZ/SES, Pubcon, PPC Hero Conference, SEMPDX and many others. He was recently named "Most Influential PPC Expert" for 2015, 2014 and 2013 by PPC Hero Blog, and won Top Search Marketing Awards for 2015 from the US Search Awards and Search Engine Land.

Everyone has (or should have) an "attribution model" that measures the performance of their social media marketing and demonstrates results to management or clients.

The truth is, perfecting an attribution model is tricky. A credible attribution model tracks visitors' multi-touch path to conversion and helps all of the stakeholders understand which actions contributed most and least to the result.

You'll leave this session with a practical framework for developing an accurate and credible social attribution model.

Moderator: Greg Finn, Chief Marketing Officer, Cypress North, (@gregfinn)


Larry Kim
Dave Rigotti
Director of Marketing

Dave Rigotti - Bizible

Dave Rigotti runs the marketing at Bizible, a venture-backed startup that makes B2B marketing attribution software. He'd like to thank coffee and spell check for making this presentation possible.

He's spoken about revenue aligned demand generation at conferences such as Dreamforce, FlipMyFunnel, SEMPO, and others.

Prior to Bizible, Dave worked at Microsoft on the Bing marketing team for over 4 years on everything from social to ads.

Sarah Humphrey
Michelle Wallace
Senior Product Marketing Coordinator
Tableau Software

Michelle Wallace - Tableau Software

Michelle Wallace leads Tableau Software's global social media programs. As a writer and an analyst, she is passionate about using data to drive better content decisions and foster an engaged social media community. Michelle manages live social media at Tableau's global events, and has spoken about social media analytics to thousands of people on two different continents. She holds a BA in English from Western Washington University with a minor in astronomy. Prior to Tableau, Michelle was a magazine writer who covered local interests and histories around the United States.

David Zelniker
Kiko Correa
Marketing Specialist

Kiko Correa - Glowforge

Kiko, runs paid search and analytics for Seattle startup Glowforge. He got his start in marketing literally "in the mailroom". He's spent the 7 years since then working with clients from B2B Tech, to all-natural cosmetics and now, lasers. He holds a diverse nerd portfolio featuring music, movies, retro-games & pro-wrestling.

Most people think of LinkedIn as a great resource for making business connections. But it's also a powerful marketing platform, enabling you to broaden reach, engage with customers and identify new prospects at the company-level -- making it a perfect tool for your account-based marketing.

This session highlights the advertising opportunities that enable connections with more than 400 million LinkedIn members in more than 200 countries.

Moderator: Chris Sherman, Partner & VP Event Programming, Third Door Media, Inc., (@CJSherman)


Dave Rigotti
AJ Wilcox
LinkedIn Ads Evangelist
B2 Linked

AJ Wilcox - B2 Linked

AJ runs and consults for the world's top LinkedIn advertising accounts. He fell in love with LinkedIn advertising back in 2011, and left his job to found in 2014. He loves to help B2B companies make the most of the LinkedIn for recruiting and lead generation. He's an exotic car nut and a triathlete. He lives in Utah with his wife and 4 kids.


Hear what past attendees had to say:

Attending SocialPro was encouraging for me and gave me confidence that I am on target. Meeting and working with colleagues that are there to answer the same questions, have shared experiences and frustrations made the event a huge success. I appreciate the speakers’ willingness to answer questions and provide feedback. To date, this is my favorite educational Social Media event I have attended.

Lea Buckingham Scudamore, SEO & Domains Supervisor, ARI Network Services, Inc.

SocialPro was a phenomenal experience full of great speakers and abundant networking opportunities. I met some amazing marketers and learned a ton from the presentations that I can take back with me and apply to my clients. I’m a huge fan of SocialPro!

Nick Roshon, iCrossing

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