Seattle: June 20-21, 2016

Bell Harbor Convention Center

Raves for Social Pro…

I learned a lot I didn’t know and made wonderful contacts with agencies.

Susan Patton, Flexjet

Quality presentations, plenty of time for networking, and a bonus of great food! The presentations covered new things to test on my company’s account.

Sarah Parker, Union Metrics

SocialPro continues to be the best social media conference I go to. The tips given during sessions are useful and the networking is great.

James Carroll, Tableau Software

I absolutely loved attending SocialPro and can’t wait to go back. Not only were the presenters top-notch, but they were all incredibly accessible. I spent several sessions picking the brains of what I thought were conference attendees like myself, only to discover that my new friends were actually speakers. I’ve been to a lot of internet marketing conferences and this is the best. After the show, I actually couldn’t wait to for the flight home so that I could begin implementing what I had learned. Our customers are going to be thankful that I attended SocialPro!

Scott Childress, Internet Marketing Manager, Smile Savvy

Attending SocialPro was encouraging for me and gave me confidence that I am on target. Meeting and working with colleagues that are there to answer the same questions, have shared experiences and frustrations made the event a huge success. I appreciate the speakers’ willingness to answer questions and provide feedback. To date, this is my favorite educational Social Media event I have attended.

Lea Buckingham Scudamore, SEO & Domains Supervisor, ARI Network Services, Inc.

SocialPro was everything I had heard and more! After the workshop and two days of amazing seminars my brain could not hold any more information. The presenters were all top notch. No posers in this group. If you’re not attending one of the SocialPro events you are making a huge mistake.

Darren E. Squires, Director of Digital Strategy, 2ndLAW Media

With the search engine optimization world and social media marketing disciplines overlapping in influence and strategies, the SocialPro conference was a natural fit for me and my agency. The seminars and speakers did a great job conveying current trends in content strategy and customer engagement through a variety of channels. I particularly appreciated the insights into upcoming social channels and tools.

Joel Solomon, RIESTER

Going to SocialPro was a great opportunity to meet and collaborate with people in my industry from all over the world. The conference was extremely informational and fun, I learned a lot to help my business with more social media! I will definitely be attending again.

Alecsy Christensen, Marketing Gypsy

Social Pro was a phenomenal experience full of great speakers and abundant networking opportunities. I met some amazing marketers and learned a ton from the presentations that I can take back with me and apply to my clients. I’m a huge fan of SocialPro!

Nick Roshon, iCrossing

From meeting new industry experts, hanging out with old friends, and learning a ton of awesome techniques that you can work with almost immediately, the SocialPro conference is where it’s at if you’re serious about honing your skills as an online marketer. The privilege of meeting new industry experts and learning new skills to enhance your online marketing abilities are reason enough to attend. The connections you can make and the knowledge you can gain are priceless and can last a lifetime (or until the next algorithm update).

Brian Harnish, Bisnar | Chase Law Firm

As an agency, each time a team member attends SocialPro, we come back with industry related knowledge, above and beyond the price of admission. SocialPro was chocked full of take-aways for SMB’s and Enterprise organizations, say hello to me at the next one!

Ty Downing, SayItSocial

Whether you’re new to Social Media or consider yourself well-versed, SocialPro is definitely a show you should attend. The speakers were experts in their respective fields and offered fresh perspectives and helpful data and tools on the latest and greatest in our space. There was also ample networking time, which allowed for the ability to share strategies and connect with other attendees.

Jessica Fielding, Social Media Strategist

Leaving SocialPro felt like leaving summer camp! What a warm, friendly environment to forge connections with a great group of smart marketers. Many social media conferences provide abstract ideas about community and engagement, but it’s rare to find one that offers as much actionable data and strategy as SocialPro.

Courtney Seiter, Raven Internet Marketing Tools

The SocialPro event was great. Packed full of awesome information, great presenters, incredible attendees and killer networking. If you have an opportunity to attend a future SocialPro event, do it!

Darin “Doc” Berntson,

As a first time SocialPro attendee, I found SocialPro to be a well organized event, packed full of relevant, high-quality information from a variety of dynamic, interesting speakers. I’m already looking forward to the next one!

Melissa Smith, Equity Marketing Solutions