Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Sean Dolan

COO, PushFire


Sean Dolan is the Co-Founder and COO of PushFire, a digital marketing firm offering SEO, PPC management and online promotions that works with medium to fortune sized clients nationwide.

Mr. Dolan entered the search marketing space in 2008 by promoting his successful DJ business through PPC. He became "hooked" on helping other business owners achieve the success he had with their own businesses and launched Ascendgence. Sean set out to create a case study for Ascendgence by creating a deliberate viral marketing campaign. "Pimp this Bum" achieved international success and was featured in various national media outlets – both print and television - including CNN, CBS News, The Sydney Morning Herald, Fox News, Fox & Friends and more.

In 2011, Sean joined forces with Rae Hoffman and the pair launched PushFire, a combination of both partners' former agencies.

When Sean isn't managing his firm or stalking people via ads on the Internet (otherwise known as remarketing), he enjoys golfing, continuing his work as a homeless advocate and spending time with his wife and three children in their hometown of Katy, Texas.

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