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Wondering why your site suddenly disappeared from organic results? Want to prevent that from happening in the future?

This session unearths link building worst practices that result in penalties, and shows you -- step-by-step -- how to avoid (or fix) them. You'll learn to identify what search engines consider manipulative behaviors that trigger penalties, including domain registration information, site structure, referring pages, and of course, improperly constructed links themselves.

Industrial-strength SEO is crucial to the success of any large organization – especially if you're the publisher of publications as uniquely diverse as Architectural Digest, Brides, Golf Digest, The New Yorker, Wired and many others. In this session John Shehata, Vice President of SEO for Conde Nast, offers advice on building a world-class enterprise SEO team and provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the online marketing initiatives of one of the world's most successful publishers.

Customers increasing expect more intuitive and satisfying digital experiences, which raises the bar for the performance of your websites, content and SEO.

Learn how Intel SEO team developed and is perfecting a new method of identifying content opportunities based on search insights and data. This approach ensures Intel's sites are meeting customer expectations by balancing "always on" content with support that identifies customer interests and aligns those interests with Intel's products and offerings.

In this session, Laura-Ann will reveal the key points of their strategy, explain the framework and show you how you can start to build an adaptable strategy designed for today's customers.

In the age of mobile devices and personal online assistants, the future of SEO lies in optimizing content for the spoken word. Even today, 20 percent of queries on on Google's mobile app and Android devices are voice searches. Marketers and merchants should prepare now for a future in which voice search and virtual assistants play a much larger role in content discovery and conversions. This session explores how to optimize your content for voice and the coming wave of "hearing enabled" virtual assistants.

During this PowerPoint-free panel, veteran SEOs answer your questions about search engine optimization. Got a puzzling issue? Wondering about a possible trend? Put it to the experts.

This interactive session takes volunteers from the audience and examines their websites in real time to provide feedback about how to improve them to gain more traffic from search engines.


Many PPC marketers have tried opting into mobile search and have seen poor results, including lower CTR, low SERP visibility, terrible conversion rates and higher CPAs. How can you justify investing in paid search on a device that doesn't see parity with desktop performance? When will you stop hearing "It's the year of mobile!" and actually start seeing it reflected in your results?

In this session, you'll learn how to take your SEM campaigns to the next level with best practices, case studies and approaches that take advantages of the unique opportunities available to mobile advertisers.

How often have you seen an ad for a product you've recently purchased? How many times have you been forced to see ads for prom dresses your daughter previously viewed on your shared tablet while you're reading The Hockey News? These are just two common mistakes that needlessly waste budgets and annoy users.

In this session, learn how to carefully fine-tune your retargeting for maximum impact and how to tailor campaign settings like viewing caps, audience segmentation, cookie duration, day and time and other parameters to make sure your ads aren't creating a negative impression with potential customers.

The benefits of location targeting are obvious for local businesses, but adding geographical nuance to ads can enhance the effectiveness of just about any advertising campaign.

In this session, you'll learn to use location targeting to maximize performance and "wow" prospects through a tailored experience for searchers from a particular location.

Images are central to many types of search and social advertising, and there are easily as many ways to fail with images as win with them.

In this session, we'll cover the essential elements of successfully integrating images into ads across all platforms and networks. We'll look at issues like:

  • the psychology of images, colors, and text
  • how to think about images for various demographic and geographic audiences
  • where to find the best stock images
  • when not to use stock images

We will also cover licensing, copyrights, usage issues and much more.

If you're an advertiser in a competitive vertical, we feel your pain! How's a PPC marketer going to drive increases in conversion volume while also driving down costs in this era of flat conversion rates and rising CPCs? You might think the golden age of PPC is behind us, yet the future has never been brighter. Creative PPC marketers are creating unusual integrated campaigns involving RLSA that reduce CPCs by 3x to 5x, while also increasing conversion rates by 3x to 5x.

Skeptical? Come to this session and prepare to be persuaded that there's a better way to do paid search in competitive verticals.

When it launched in late 2015, Customer Match was lauded as a game-changer for Google, allowing advertisers to target users based on email addresses. This opened up new possibilities with ad messaging, bidding and landing pages and has been powerful for reactivating dormant buyers and email list unsubscribers for advertisers.

This session explores the challenges of Customer Match with building lists that meet Google's minimum audience size requirements, particularly for B2B brands, and compares potential volume and value to the more established RLSA product to give advertisers an idea of where the best value lies.

If you're an online retailer, you likely measure your success against numerous benchmarks beyond clicks, sales and ROI. During the past year, Wolfgang Digital analyzed 87 million website sessions and $257 million in online revenue to uncover highly sought after data often considered too sensitive to share - but will be fully forthcoming about their findings in this can't-miss session discussing the definitive benchmark KPI report for E-commerce websites.

Paid search continues to rapidly evolve. New features were added to Google Shopping and PLAs, callout extensions debuted, dynamic sitelinks went global, Bing Ads Campaign Planner launched, and the list goes on.

Join reps from the search engines and experienced SEMs as they discuss new trends and developments in paid search advertising and field your questions about all things PPC.

Analytics & Conversion

We all know how exhilarating it can be to optimize new campaigns when double-digit returns are relatively easy to achieve. Eventually, though, growth flattens, and gains are tougher to come by. Grasping at straws and a million new ideas is not the answer.

Our panel will share conversion optimization strategies that are boosting the performance of mature campaigns. You'll learn the right tactics, processes and best practices that have worked to minimize the Law of Diminishing Astonishment and find new ways to reignite growth in your campaigns.

Google Analytics reigns as a free, powerful platform for understanding the performance of your website(s).

With the release of Universal Analytics, there are many new ways to take advantage of the data you are collecting to analyze and report on your AdWords performance. You can now cross-pollinate data from AdWords to Google Analytics and automate reporting in Google Drive through the Google Analytics API. With these new capabilities, you can create and share custom reports and dashboards with your teams, management and vendors.

This session shows you how to connect the dots and take advantage of these powerful features.

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to understanding your search and analytics data. Graphical visualizations can help:

  • gain insights into traffic and conversion activity
  • illustrate site architecture with a network graph
  • demonstrate competitive threats with a treemap
  • describe untapped opportunities with a Venn "blob"
  • tell customer stories with a word cloud

Learn how to tap into the right side of the brain to see the full "big-picture" effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns.

"Best practices" are great in theory but difficult to implement in practice. What works for one site may or may not work for another. But regardless, you can increase website revenue by applying a conversion rate optimization strategy grounded in analytics, marketing and psychology.

You'll leave this session knowing how several top websites applied these principles to improve conversions and how you can apply them to improve yours.

Understanding what is driving conversion has always been difficult to manage. Today, with the explosion of new digital platforms, understanding assisted conversions, cross-device conversions and cross-channel conversions is more critical than ever. Going beyond last-click attribution will help you understand how your customers are actually behaving and help you optimize conversion.

Attend this session and learn how to get more insights out of the attribution and measurement tools available in Bing, Google AdWords and Google Analytics for making smarter campaign optimizations and budget allocations.


This interactive session takes volunteers from the audience and examines their websites in real time to provide feedback about how to improve them to gain more traffic from search engines.

Got questions about best practices for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or other social media sites? Our panel of experts will help solve your most vexing social media marketing issues.

Just like your favorite old car or computer, your paid advertising campaigns can use a regular tuneup to keep them optimized, clean and running well.

In this hands-on clinic, our certified (and certifiable!) SMX SEM Mechanics will offer you their best expert advice on your PPC ads, bidding tactics and anything else on your mind. Bring your toughest paid search questions. Based loosely on the hilarious NPR radio show, "Car Talk," this session is guaranteed to be as much fun as it is informative!

Building high-quality links can make all the difference in your traffic and conversions. While the effort can pay off, SEO experts know that link building can be time-consuming and tricky. This interactive session takes volunteers from the audience and examines their questions about link building by going live to the web to seek answers and illustrate best practices in real time. Get your most burning questions answered by link-building experts.