Session Suggestion Form

Marketing Land Events are always looking for great session ideas for our conferences. Want to contribute? Use our session Suggestion Box below!

Anyone can submit a session suggestion for one of our conferences, even if you’re not interested in actually speaking at the conference. Just tell us the name of a suggested session, a description of what you’d like the session to cover and provide your contact information.

We’re looking for two types of suggestions:

  • Session ideas for regular sessions. Most sessions at our conferences are 60-90 minutes in length, and feature 2 to 3 speakers. Here, we’re not looking for solo presentations; rather, your idea should be a topic where multiple speakers can each weigh in with their own point of view, opinion, and suggested tactics. You can let us know if you’re interested in speaking on a suggestion you suggest, or would just like to see the session idea considered without nominating yourself to speak.
  • Session ideas for solo presentations. Solo presentations are keynote level, TED-style presentations from industry visionaries. We’re looking for the best of the best: seasoned professionals, acknowledged thought leaders, inspiring communicators. People who will wow attendees with their insights and motivate them to chart new territory in their own online marketing campaigns. If you pitch to speak on a solo session, you really need to wow us to be seriously considered. Solo sessions are typically 25 minutes long.

Please note: We don’t respond individually for session ideas that we don’t use. If we like your idea, we’ll reach out to you personally to explore speaking options. Even if we don’t use your session idea in developing the final agenda, we’d encourage you to pitch for specific sessions once the agenda is posted and the speaking pitch form opens. Dates for when that form is open for all conferences can be found here: A Guide To Speaking At Marketing Land Events Conferences.

Watch the Marketing Land Events Blog to be alerted when this form opens for suggestions for any show.


Submit Your Session Suggestion

You MUST first select the conference. If the conference name does not appear in the drop down list, it has either not opened yet to session pitches or session pitches have closed for it.

Interested in speaking on a session you suggest? Even if you select "I want to speak" for a regular session, you'll need to put in a second, formal pitch after the final agenda is posted using our separate speaking pitch form (this form will only be active once an agenda has been finalized).

If you're nominating yourself for a Solo Session, and we like your suggestion, we'll be in touch with you directly to explore, so be sure to include your contact details above.