February 19-20, 2020
San Jose Convention Center

That's a wrap! Join us at our next SMX event.

That's a wrap! Join us at our next SMX event.

Don’t Put Your Digital Commerce Eggs In One Basket: Fresh Insights From Joe Martinez

“Companies that embrace strategies across a variety of channels will have an advantage over those sticking to just one channel.”

Do you sell or promote products online? If so, you know that leveraging third-party platforms is essential if you want to reach new customers. But that’s only half the battle. If you want to drive remarkable revenue growth in an dynamic online retail environment, you have to master digital commerce marketing.

Join us at Search Marketing Expo, February 19-20 in San Jose, for two days of digital commerce marketing training and the actionable tactics that can help you build and deploy successful, profit-generating campaigns. Keep reading for an exclusive interview with one of the e-commerce experts you’ll learn from — Joe Martinez, Director of Client Strategy at Clix Marketing. We recently chatted about his work, his advice for a successful 2020, and his upcoming SMX session… see what he had to say!

Lauren Donovan: Welcome, Joe! Tell the folks at home a bit about yourself! Where you’re based, what you do, and how long you’ve been doing it…

Joe Martinez
Joe Martinez

Joe Martinez: I work remote for Clix Marketing. Lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin all my life and I love it. I’ve been in the digital marketing world for over 8 years now. My focus has been on PPC/Paid Media almost the entire time.

LD: When and how did you get specifically into the e-commerce side of things?

JM: Before I even got into the digital world, I worked for Kohl’s Headquarters for 4.5 years. My final year there was in the sports division in the ecommerce department. I got to see all the championship merch for both teams (win or lose) for all the major sports leagues. It was fun to prep for a championship game to then flip the switch on for whichever team won. I was on the merchandising team at the time, but definitely got a good education in ecommerce.

LD: Huh! That’s a really interesting entry point. Speaking of winning teams — or, in this case, winning trends — what’s the big e-commerce trend, channel, or tactic you’re watching for in 2020?

JM: I love that we’re hearing more and more about using other channels. Your audience is not only on Google and Facebook. Companies that embrace strategies across a variety of channels will have an advantage over those sticking to just one channel.

LD: Indeed! And that leads me to your upcoming SMX West session, Selling With Video. I love the idea about diversifying campaigns – not just in terms of channel, but content type as well. So, what’s on the agenda for your presentation? 

JM: YouTube is on the top of my list for favorite advertising channels. Not only can we build brand awareness (free advertising in many cases), but we can influence buyer decisions. So while I want to talk about how to get direct conversions from YouTube ads, I also want to show how we can utilize video campaigns in Google Ads in influence those users to come back to your site and purchase later on.

LD: Awesome. Now, let’s move onto the crucial stuff. Favorite food, vacation destination, and animal — GO!

JM: Big burgers. I love driving so any type of road trip is fun for me (Going on a short brewery road trip to Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo in April). And I’m a Leo so it’s been the lion since I was a kid.

LD: I’m a Leo, too… woot roar! Alright, we’re almost out of time… last but certainly not least, tell us a fun fact about you we might not know…

JM: My first career was in broadcasting. I was a DJ at a hard rock station for awhile. There are embarrassing photos out there, but you’ll have to find them yourself.

LDAh-ha! Well I know what I’m doing once this interview is over… seriously, though – that’s really cool. Thanks for sharing some time with us today, Joe! I look forward to catching your session later this month at SMX! 

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SMX kicks off in three weeks! There’s still time to secure your seat and extra savings off on-site rates. Remember: Digital commerce marketing is just one of the topics you can train on February 19-20 — you’ll also get the tactic-rich SEO and SEM/PPC sessions SMX is known for. What are you waiting for? Grab your ticket and meet me there! 🙂

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