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October 24-25, 2018
Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

What really matters in SEO

This week, Google celebrated its 19th birthday. With a few exceptions, SEO is drastically different today than it was in 1998, and what’s more, with loads of guesswork and assumptions, the debate about Google ranking factors is never-ending and evolves with every algorithm update. What’s on the rise, what’s on the decline, and what still works?

At SMX East, several sessions look closely at today’s most important ranking considerations. In SEO Ranking Factors In 2017: What’s Important, What’s Not you’ll hear the results of comprehensive studies undertaken by Searchmetrics and SEMRush, who looked at millions of sites to determine what separated winners from losers. You’ll leave this session knowing the key elements that will deliver maximum SEO success as we move into the coming year and beyond.

Smart (and successful) web designers know that optimizing site design for search engines is both essential and a savvy move. Search engines are the starting point for most internet users, and if your site is difficult for Google, Bing or other engines to “read,” it’s never going to work for your human visitors, either.

Attend Search Engine Friendly Web Design and you’ll learn how to create search engine-friendly sites that are equally appealing to human visitors.

And if you have questions about particular strategies or techniques, be sure to attend the Meet The SEOs session. During this PowerPoint-free panel, veteran SEOs answer your questions about search engine optimization. Got a puzzling issue? Wondering about a possible trend? Put it to the experts.

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Tell me more about SMX East!

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