February 19-20, 2020
San Jose Convention Center

All SMX Next sessions are now available on-demand... click to watch!

All SMX Next sessions are now available on-demand... click to watch!

Five questions for social media ad maven Ginny Marvin

As social networks develop increasingly sophisticated targeting, tracking and attribution capabilities, paid social strategy and management has become a key focus for digital marketing agencies and in-house marketing departments. Social has also been at the leading edge of the advertising shift to mobile, making paid social a must-have discipline for both B2B and B2C companies.

Ginny will be hosting and moderating an intensive dive into getting more out of paid social — from advanced-level learning on creative strategies to efficiently managing campaigns to discussions on broader trends that will impact companies and digital marketers in the years to come. Here’s her look ahead at what to expect from the Mastering Social Media Advertising Workshop at SMX West.

Who should participate in your workshop?

This workshop is designed for anyone who is currently managing social media advertising campaigns — whether you’re just getting started or have been running campaigns for several years — and is looking for strategic and tactical learnings that can be applied to your own efforts to improve ROAS, lead quality and sales impact from social media.

What makes your workshop unique? What will attendees get that they can’t easily find elsewhere?

The workshop features a full day of presentations by subject matter experts — from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn to social video. In addition to being able to dive deep into specific topics and challenges, the opportunity to freely ask questions and learn from speakers and fellow attendees in an intimate setting throughout the day is what sets this workshop apart.

Describe three actionable takeaways attendees will be able to put to work in their own search marketing campaigns.

First, attendees will be able to ensure they have set up their campaigns for success and get internal tracking templates for consistent tagging and attribution.

Second, attendees will learn how to match their campaign goals to the multitude of settings, levers and targeting capabilities available in Facebook to drive better outcomes.

Third, attendees will be able to evaluate their current campaigns and measure true performance and how to optimize for ongoing improvements.

What is a social marketing mistake you made that others can learn from?

I’ve made a whole lot of mistakes! One that quickly comes to mind is targeting too narrowly on Facebook in order to have better visibility into what targeting selections are working best. Instead of great insights, I ended up with far fewer impressions, engagements and conversions at much higher CPCs. Not the optimization I was looking for.

Time to gaze into your crystal ball and tell us what you see in the future – what does the social marketing landscape look like in five years?

The thing that has made social such an effective direct marketing channel is the targeting capabilities. Facebook’s golden ticket has been its ability to couple precise targeting with unprecedented scale. In 5 years, scale will still matter but the most successful marketers will be able to parlay first-party data into profitable customer and prospecting engagements in more places beyond the Facebook news feed. There will be more creative formats — many completely automated — and video and AR will be more accessible. The best marketing teams will be able to diversify and maintain a clear brand voice across formats and channels to connect with audiences in meaningful ways throughout the purchasing funnel.

Thanks Ginny!

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced pros in the industry! Read more about Mastering Social Media Advertising at SMX West, and register today!

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