February 19-20, 2020
San Jose Convention Center

All SMX Next sessions are now available on-demand... click to watch!

All SMX Next sessions are now available on-demand... click to watch!

The Ins And Outs Of Amazon Search Ads: Expert Advice From Kaitlin McGrew

“Clients are hesitant… coming prepared to answer all business and planning scenarios is key.”

If you sell or promote products online, you know that the key to driving remarkable revenue growth is mastering digital commerce marketing. Amazon, Walmart, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads… the list goes on. They all have their own rules. And you need to know them if you want to win.

In three weeks, e-commerce experts will be at SMX West to deliver two days of brand-new digital commerce marketing training. This is your chance to soak up actionable tactics that can help you design successful, profit-generating campaigns! One of the experts you’ll train with is Kaitlin McGrew, Senior SEM Manager at PMG Digital Agency. Keep reading for a closer look at Kaitlin’s background, her must-watch 2020 trend, and a sneak peek at her upcoming Amazon Ads session.

Lauren Donovan: Welcome, Kaitlin! Tell the folks at home a bit about yourself! Where you’re based, what you do, how long you’ve been doing it…

Kaitlin McGrew
Kaitlin McGrew

Kaitlin McGrew: Based in Fort Worth, Texas. I focus primarily on Paid Search & Shopping on Google + Microsoft Ads, but within the last two years I have expanded into the world of Amazon Search. I have been in the industry for 5 years – it amazes me every time I realize this!

LD: And how did you get into marketing in the first place?

KM: Fun-fact: I do not have an advertising or business degree. My passion in college was Hospitality, specifically for restaurants and hotel management. I wanted to do accounting for a hotel, but there were not too many opportunities available and I needed to land a job. I was a student aid for the Hospitality Marketing professor, and she mentioned an internship at a hospitality-focused advertising agency. This sparked my interest so I applied and I was randomly placed into the PPC/e-commerce department… and this is when I discovered my passion for all things PPC! To this day I am so thankful I took up the opportunity.

LD: How interesting! Ahh, the power of internships. Okay, switching from the past to the future: What’s the big digital commerce trend, channel, or tactic you’re watching in 2020?

KM: Visual search formats on Google and CCPA.

LD: Very cool. Coming up at SMX, you’re presenting the session Driving Profitable Sales With Amazon Search Ads. Can you share a bit of what’s in store for attendees?

KM: We’ll be diving into how brands can drive sales on Amazon with a detailed, full funnel, and organized strategy – all the way from ASIN management to account structure. But to be successful, you first need to win your clients approval; we will discuss some tips to scale the business or simply get your clients on board to try it out. Clients are hesitant; Amazon is a new, bold platform with a lot of nuances, so coming prepared to answer all business and planning scenarios is key.

In addition to Amazon strategy and growth, we will look into the helpful features in the Amazon UI to help scale your program to meet goals and the importance of utilizing Amazon Sponsored Display to reach additional users and close the loop.

LD: Awesome! Sounds truly valuable. Okay – next up: Favorite food, vacation destination, and animal — GO!

KM: Favorite Food: Sushi. Vacation Destination: Breckenridge, Colorado. Animal: Cats. I love black cats specifically. Yes, I am a cat lady.

LD: I’m a cat lady, too! =^..^= Last but certainly not least, tell us a fun fact about you we might not know…

KM: For half of my life, I was super involved in competitive soccer and Irish dancing. I eventually had to choose between the two because of Achilles tendonitis, so I went down the path of soccer.

LD: Phew! That’s got to be my favorite question – I’ve been learning so many interesting things about our SMX speakers — and this is a top 5 fun fact reveal for sure. Thanks for your time today, Kaitlin! Safe travels to San Jose – see you there

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