June 8-10, 2020
Bell Harbor International Conference Center

SMX Advanced 2020 is canceled. Join us online for SMX Next!

SEO For Developers: Technical Training At SMX Advanced

Update: SMX Advanced has been canceled. Join us online June 23-24 (for free!) for SMX Next!

As algorithm updates continue to make old-school optimization less impactful, and CMS plugins and SEO platforms handle an increasing number of technical aspects, more and more SEOs need to learn about the technical aspects of optimization.

At the same time, developers are continuing to build innovative apps and interactive online experiences, creating a need for them to know how to do their jobs in ways that don’t negatively impact SEO (or, indeed, in ways that can help enhance it).

Whether you’re an SEO eager to expand your technical horizons — or a developer craving a deeper understanding of SEO… we have advanced, tactic-rich training designed specifically for you.

Join us for the elite SEO and SEM insights SMX Advanced is known for, plus a brand-new SEO for Developers track, all programmed by the Search Engine Land experts. The SEO for Developers track delivers two full days of highly-technical sessions — many in live-coding format — focused on using code libraries and architecture models to develop applications that improve SEO.

Here’s a sneak peek at the sessions in store:

  • An Entrée Into The Programming World: Communicating With Developers And Writing JavaScript
  • Accessibility Requirements And UX Design To Ensure Access For All
  • Power Your SEO Friendly Markup With HTML5, CSS3, And JavaScript
  • Scripting And Scraping Automation With Headless Chrome, Firebase, And Google Search Console
  • Peek Under The Hood: Dev Tools, Testing, Improving Performance
  • Creating Applications With Modern Infrastructure, Microservices, And Serverless Architecture
  • Powering Modern Site Search With Knowledge Graphs
  • Bundling Giant JavaScript Applications That Actually Load Fast For Everyone

Come along on this two-day journey from the lighter gradient of terminal scripting for the practitioner all the way through to deeper territory with dives into NodeJS, Systems architecture (including Serverless), and Python for the data science of Tech SEO.

Stay tuned for more details!

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