SMX Build: SEO for Developers

Online December 14, 2021 – 100% Virtual, 100% Live, 100% Free.

Google’s search algorithm updates continue to make old-school optimization less impactful and tools like CMS plugins and SEO platforms are handling so much more. As a result, we’re seeing more SEOs wanting to learn about the technical aspects of optimization.

Similarly, as developers continue to create innovative apps and interactive experiences online, there is a need for them to know how to do that work in a way that does not hurt or often enhances SEO.

SMX Build: SEO for Developers was designed with you in mind. 

Hosted by Detlef Johnson — SEO for Developers Expert for Search Engine Land and SMX — this FREE one-day event will explore SEO-friendly coding through discussion and live coding demonstrations.

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Technical Requirements

While there are no technology requirements for this event, in order to replicate the coding that Detlef will be demonstrating, you will need the following:

  • A bash compatible shell (Z-shell on a Mac etc.)
  • A recent version of NodeJS installed

A basic JavaScript understanding is required to follow some of the logic of more advanced discussion, while no JavaScript knowledge is actually required to at least get a sense for how developers work in the SEO context to begin to learn what’s possible with your developer.

Brands That Attend

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