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Below, you’ll find answers to some commonly asked questions about SMX Convert. Have any additional questions? Email us at and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

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When is the event?

SMX Convert aired live on Tuesday, August 17.  All sessions, keynotes, clinics, and Overtime Q&As are now available for viewing on-demand.

How long will I be able to watch on-demand sessions?

All sessions will be available for viewing on-demand until December 31, 2021.

How do I log into the event?

Click here to log into the event. Logging in will bring you to your My SMX page (more on that below).

How do I watch sessions?

All on-demand content on the agenda has a “Watch” button. Click this button to begin watching.

What’s with the “Part One”, “Part Two” stuff on the agenda? Do I have to watch the sessions in this order?

The Search Engine Land experts crafted a two-track program that is designed to build your knowledge in a comprehensive, meaningful way. The structured agenda features two dedicated “learning journeys”: SEO and PPC. Each journey is made of four segments, with each one building on the previous. Think of them less as sessions and more like progressions.

For this reason — and for the optimal training experience — we recommend that you choose one track (SEO or PPC) to watch first from start to finish, beginning with the opening keynote, then progressing through parts one, two, three, and four.

Since all sessions are available on-demand, you can watch and rewatch all of the programming at your convenience.

Can I create a personalized agenda?

Yes! Building your own agenda is fast and easy. Log into My SMX and follow the instructions at the top of the page. Once built, your personalized agenda will be accessible via the My SMX link at the top of your screen.

Now that the program is available on-demand, you can watch sessions either from your personalized agenda or from the main agenda if you prefer.

Can I ask the speaker questions during the presentation?

Now that the live event has concluded, unfortunately, you can no longer ask speakers questions in the chat box. However, each session features a section listing out all speakers and moderators, including (in nearly all cases) their Twitter handles. Feel free to reach out to them on social media!

Can I get a copy of the speaker’s PowerPoint presentation?

In most cases, yes! Be sure to check out the “Dig Deeper” section in each session room to download a PDF version of the presentation (if available) and any other resources the speakers may offer.

I’m trying to watch a session but it’s not playing… what do I do?

Some browsers now have a feature that prevents videos from autoplaying. Press the play button on the video player to begin the presentation. If this does not work, please refresh the page.

The video is playing but I can’t hear anything… what do I do?

This is also likely due to your browser’s settings. Adjust the volume on the bottom right corner of the video player. (Screencap below.)

If this does not work, please check the sound preferences on your computer, including the sound output settings.

The video is playing but I’m hearing an echo… what do I do?

You likely have two instances of the session open in your browser. Close one to eliminate the echo.

Are transcripts or captions available for presentations?

While we do not currently offer this feature, if you’re using Chrome, you can enable their new caption featureClick here to learn more about setting this up for your browser.

Do you offer any proof of attendance?

Yes! If you attend all four sessions on either the SEO or PPC track, we will email you a personalized Certificate of Completion and a nifty digital badge — perfect for sharing on social after the event. (Attend both tracks in their entirety to earn two unique certificates!) Use your certificate to demonstrate your commitment to continued training, validate registration fees, or showcase your involvement with the search marketing community.

If you qualify for a certificate, it will be emailed to you by Thursday, August 19. If you believe you qualify for a certificate but you have not yet received one, please email for assistance.

Can more than one person from my company attend SMX?

Absolutely! The more, the merrier at SMX Convert. Feel free to share the registration URL with friends or colleagues who might be interested in joining you:

All this is great… but I haven’t registered yet!

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