Raves for Search Marketing Expo – SMX® East

“Lots of great information. I came away with solid action items to implement on our site that will improve our search ranks. It was invaluable to our business!”

Amy O’Brien, Yankee Publishing Inc

“Best conference I have attended in a while.”

Jotham Nyamari, Senior Manager, PwC

“I have pages of notes, planning to compile then into a deck for my team to share what I have learned. I think the most helpful part of this is having SEO experts (like Jessica Bowman) validating ideas I have proposed and providing an eloquent explanation for why we should do them.”

Elaine Kuckertz, SEO Manager, Storyblocks

“My to do list is huge. Lots of great takeaways. Conference will pay for itself in a couple months.”

Dain Howell, Director College Boxes, U-Haul International

“Agency track was the hidden gem of my time there. Lots of great information for optimizing your agency’s processes and client relationships. I learned a ton.”

Justin Russell, SEO Associate, SEOM Interactive

“Ummmm, I loved all of it… the speakers in all sessions I attended were exceptional… I hope my company sends me again next year! Thank you for understanding the importance and need for our ongoing education and peer connection!”

Heather Shields, Senior Strategist, SEO, Harmelin Media

“Super great content, awesome speakers, extremely friendly and knowledgeable attendees whom all love search!”

Austin Winkler, SEM Specialist, Adtegrity/Media Place Partners

“Great content, I’ll be back next event!”

Melanie Cote, Owner, HabitaMedia

“The case studies and best practices were great! And I thought it was very interesting to hear from Google versus vendor perspectives on what works and what doesn’t.”

Georganne Shirk, Head of Marketing and Brand Strategy, Alterant Consulting

“SMX EAST 2019 was the best ever! The [clinics] in the theater and the solutions sessions were a welcome addition! And it was nice to see more (new) vendors in the hall. Overall, great 2-days in NYC. Thank you!.”

Jeremy Roberts, CEO, Mommy Makeup

“I am just starting up a consulting practice and could not afford the price tag. However, I was able to come for free and listen to the vendors and other people talk about various topics of interest and that was an incredible value proposition. Thank you very much!!!”

Ateeq Ahmad, Owner, Albany Analytics

“Good speakers, and the ability to learn more about areas I don’t specialize in from the experts.”

Kamilla Dynia, SmartPak Equine

“It was a well planned conference, engaged presenters and small; I found great the fact that there were clinics for the participants to ask questions.”

Ana Aguilar-Hauke, One Pica Space

“I come every year. Always learn new things & make connections. Thank you!”

Miriam Bakker, The Keyword Agency

“This was my first time at SMX East. It was amazing. The venue was great. The conference itself was amazing and I only had the free pass. I plan on getting a full pass next year and attending all days. “

Daniel Freeman, STORIS

“Great opportunity to cross train our team and share knowledge with industry peers.”

Jennifer Barry, DragonSearch

“The content is always solid. And the direct interaction with speakers and brands makes getting the worth out of the visit very easy. “

Joe Martinez, Granular

“I attended the Advanced SEO Training workshop. Bruce Clay was awesome. Having good speakers like him make the event worth the time and travel. I learned a lot from him. I’m able to put the things I learned into action and share what I learned with colleagues to make our company better.”

Kelly Law, Brawn Media

“Being able to meet withdraw different professionals from around the world and learn their tips and tricks was incredibly helpful. It’s always nice to get fresh perspectives on account management and this conference provided exactly that and gave me several things to bring back to my team.”

Matt Davidson, BoomTown

“I found the information to be relevant and well presented. There was a good mix of the highly technical and non technical topics. I thought the sessions were a great mix of high level and low level learning. I enjoyed it enormously. “

Michael Bellina, Migman Media, LLC

“This was my first time to the show. Even after have a free entrance pass, I learned much. Next year I plan to sign up for the premium entrance. The value received was sufficient enough to realize the value of a premium entrance. “

Gary Rushin, CPA/CGMA

“Quality of panelists / presenters – the lineup featured some top names in the search space. Information presented on each topic was applicable and robust.”

Matthew Van Voorst, Country Home Products, Inc.

“Best industry event.”

SMX East 2016 Attendee

“SMX was a great experience with a good mix of presentations that both outlined things going on in the search world and also tangible action items to improve my own account performance.”

SMX East 2016 Attendee

“It is obvious SMX is for serious marketers looking to grow. The vibe was better than other conferences I’ve been to. Also, very organized!”

SMX East 2016 Attendee

“I went to the boot camp and conference in complete ignorance of SEO optimization, advertising, etc. I learned a tremendous amount during the day. The presenters answered my questions and were encouraging and helpful. I found this same attitude amongst the distributors as well.”

Gerard Karlen, SMX East 2016 Attendee

“The event schedule was packed with industry leaders talking on topics with relevance and practical application.”

SMX East 2016 Attendee

“It’s my second time at SMX and I always bring back something good for my company.”

SMX East 2016 Attendee

“I thought SMX was remarkably well organized and a great mix of higher level talks and more practical, actionable insights and learnings to guide me in my new responsibilities. I definitely plan on attending next year’s conference. Thank you so much for a great experience.”

SMX East 2016 Attendee

“Everyone that is in the industry of search advertisement should attend this event.”

SMX East 2016 Attendee

“Good for business. Good for networking!”

SMX East 2016 Attendee

“It’s a great opportunity to get exposure to what’s going on in the industry on a macro level. It’s also an opportunity to mingle and network with industry thought leaders.”

SMX East 2016 Attendee

“Terrific content and speakers, great environment, good food, relevant vendors. Really a great show.”

SMX East 2016 Attendee

“I found SMX East – overall – informative and energizing. I was excited to get back to my accounts and make some new things happen.”

Ann Marie Warner, A Second Opinion

“Every SMX I’ve been to has made me a better marketer. They’re well organized and incredibly informative.”

Dane Collins, Lahoma Management

“I loved the level of this conference. A lot of detailed sessions that have given me inspiration for future projects.”

Iwona Lucyna Ordon, Inevo

“Well organized, excellent selection of topics, speakers were well chosen for their expertise. Slides were clear and useful as a resource after the show. Topics covered were offered at different levels so that we could select based on our background for each topic.”

Alicia Clapp, Pacline Overhead Conveyors

“I came away with a lot of action items that I could implement almost immediately. There were also good high-level discussions on strategy and the future of the industry.”

Andon Carling, Mayo Clinic

“The classes of the conference were great. They had a wide variety of topics to listen to and they were in depth enough to really get into the issues people were having but not too far over my head where I was lost in the communication.”

Jenifer Ivey, Flora-Bama

“I had a great time this year. As with every SMX I have ever attended, there are always old friends to connect with, new things to learn and a fun time just to get together with other search marketing people.”

Mary Jo Caruso, Lodging Interactive

“SMX East represents the best collection of search marketing talent. It attracts some of the best and brightest in the business. If you want to know who the major players are, if you want info on hot topics or if you want to network with industry peers, this is a must attend event.”

Ingo Grammel, Primacy

“I found the conference to be very enlightening and full of useful information that will improve our company’s SEO and SEM strategies. It was a privilege to be able to learn from the leaders in the industry and hear some of the strategies and techniques they have employed.”

Matt Joseph, Fishbowl

“The expo hall well organized and I was able to meet with many vendors. The plus sessions were very informative and the theater presentations were helpful to gain insights into the vendors and their products/services.”

Matt Almeida, Screening Intelligence, LLC

“I’ve been attending the SMX shows since 2010 and each one just gets better and better. The content is always fresh, valuable and interesting, even for advanced marketers. There’s a perfect balance of learning and networking opportunities, organized with the care and precision typical of the SMX shows.”

Purna Virji, Microsoft

“This was my 3rd SMX conference but the first time at SMX East. The value of the conference is in its comprehensive array of speakers that covered the important industry topics. I returned to the office with a valuable collection of contacts, ideas, and an actionable to-do list inspired by the some of the issues discussed. I’d also like to commend Third Door Media for their excellent organization of the event and their choice of venue – the best city in the world. I look forward to attending next year’s conference.”

Igal Stolpner, Head of SEO at Investing.com

“SMX East was a strategically, well planned conference that provided a wealth of information from the novice to the expert SEO enthusiast. It was a refreshing experience to attend a conference and leave with innumerable tools and information that I could use when I got back to work.”

– LaTishia Lyles, Grifols – Biomat USA

“SMX East is on my must-attend conference list! It’s a great event with great speakers in a great city. There’s always so much to do and learn and the session agenda leaves even the most advanced marketers choosing which ones they want to attend.”

Ryan Jones, SapientNitro

“This was my first SMX conference. I was so grateful for the opportunity to be there. I learned so much, met some fascinating and highly accomplished people, and generally had an amazing time. Thank you so much! Can’t wait until the next one!”

Kristin McGowan, CloudClicks

“SMX East gave me with the opportunity to grow and learn from industry experts that were willing to share their experiences and give the inside scoop on SEM. SMX East is a great learning experience and an amazing networking opportunity for all industry professionals!”

Lindsay Keller, Search Mojo

“SMX East was a fantastic event that facilitated the brilliant knowledgeshare of search and social topics. The sessions were incredibly smart and provided a diverse range of subjects that were both interactive and entertaining. No matter what your level of expertise was, SMX East provided a track that was just right for you. Furthermore, SMX East showcased a wide variety top-notch vendors that were happy to provide information about their services and offerings. Finally, I met quite a few new friends that I look forward to keeping in touch and networking with in the future. I highly recommend SMX conferences to all search marketing professionals and digitally focused organizations. Thanks for a great time, SMX!”

Adam Dince, MRM – NY

“SMX East in New York City was a fantastic event! I only wish I could have cloned myself so I could have gone to multiple sessions at the same time. The speakers were top-notch, and the whole atmosphere made it easy to meet lots of other search marketing professionals. Definitely a “can’t miss” conference for anyone who wants to stay on top of the industry.”

Steve Sasman, Sycara.com

“Thanks so much! It was a fantastic experience — wish I was still there!”

Leslie Jones, White | Thompson

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at SMX East. The sessions were insightful, cutting edge, and I definitely left with plenty of tactics I can apply to the search engine marketing campaigns I currently manage. The networking was also phenomenal. Between pre event networking on SMX connect, and all of the networking focused events at the conference, I was able to connect with dozens of other Internet marketers.”

Mathew Guiver, e-storm international


Really outstanding conference – I’ll be returning next year! – Stephanie Salmon, US News & World Report


“For the third year in a row, I’m still trying to digest the information I learned a week later. I can’t wait to put it in action for my company!”

Nicki Hicks, flyte new media

“I love the content of the show. For most of the time slots there were more than one session I wanted to go to! Overall, speakers were great. Audience questions were great. Vendors were great. Wonderful experience!”

Val Czamara, Eric Mower and Associates

“My favorite thing about the show is… the fact that you learn what you aren’t doing and why you should be doing it! As a takeaway I had 5+ things that we have now started to implement to get our clients greater reach and visibility.”

Aimee Smith, Moore and Scarry Advertising

“Overall, an excellent experience. Well done to the team! I am certainly planning on returning next year.”

Matt Chamley, Webfirm

“SMX is a great digital marketing conference, covering all aspects of the digital space – despite focusing in on how to rank competitively in Search Engines. I recommend it to any one serious about marketing – especially on the web.”

Tim Eschenauer, Austin & Williams

“Loved the show, hope to be able to attend again next year. There seems no better place to keep up with the latest trends and technologies, from the leading experts.”

Matthew Marko, Progressive

“Great conference, I wish I could have attended for more than one day!”

Kristen Grossman, BzzAgent

“Overall-it was a great conference. Great opportunities to network with others in the industry and share issues and ideas.”

Susan Bain, Brady Corporation

“The speakers were insightful and informative, and some were very entertaining as well!”

Susan Bodack, InStyleSwimwear.com

“The show was really informative. It was tough to determine which sessions to attend since most were at the same time. Overall, I think it was a great experience, with tons of information – really helped open my eyes!”

Ana Genao, SmartMoney

“This was the best show ever! The sessions had timely topics and the speakers were knowledgeable and came from a broad perspective. I will be hiring at least three vendors and 1 speaker that I met through the show. I will definitely be back next year.”

Daniel Keane, Alphabet Signs

“SMX remains an excellent learning and networking opportunity. We’re planning to attend next year.”

Sherry Hopkins, Prominent Placement

“Thanks for a wonderful conference this week in NYC. I’ve been raving about it to anyone who will listen. The topics were great, the discussions were really intelligent, the audience participation was high level. The peer-to-peer was dead on. Great job, can’t wait for the next one.”

Veronica Fielding, President, Digital Brand Expressions

“During the final day of SMX East. I sat in a fascinating session where search engineers from Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft all answered questions posed by the audience and filtered by moderator Danny Sullivan. I have, in my 5 years of search conferences, attended numerous sessions like this, but I must say that this was, if not the best one I’ve attended, very close to it. The questions were excellent and the responses were forthright, honest, direct and never condescending. It was not only refreshing to hear, but remarkably valuable.”

Rand Fishkin, CEO, SEOmoz

“Wow, SMX East in New York was really good! Great speakers, great subjects and great sessions. I especially enjoyed the more outspoken sessions, like ask the SEOs on Wednesday and What is Ethical Social Media Marketing on Tuesday.”

Wouter Kiel and Siegfried Jongsma, Marketingfacts.nl

Other SMX Events…

“Great conference. I would definitely attend again. There were several instances where I had a very tough time deciding which session to go to.”

Jack Ogilvie, Search Engine Marketing Consultant, Radiant Systems

“I am exceptionally satisfied with my experience at this conference. One aspect that still amazes me is the level of networking that took place. Everyone was friendly, open to sharing, and more than willing to continue contact. I hope I can participate again next year! Great group of people.”

Eileen Scharenbroch, eBusiness Manager, Briggs & Stratton Corp.

“Overall, a great conference. I really enjoyed the ecommerce session.”

Marjie Trautt, Senior Online Marketing Analyst, Deck Internet Solutions

“Very informative and enjoyable conference.”

Joshua Tremblay, Manager, Operations & Optimization, TakePart/Participant

“An excellent seminar overall, there was an incredible array of speakers, see you again next year!”

Mark Berns, IT Coordinator, UFCW 8-Golden State

“SMX is a fantastic conference – it is one of the few places where you can learn everything about the online industry.”

Steve Boymel, Vice President, Business Development, Farlex, Inc.

“SMX West never disappoints. The food was great, the shwag was great and the sessions were informative.”

Eric Wu, Director of Product Management, SEO, AT&T Interactive

“SMX West was great – it got me very excited about SEO again!”

Lynn Jon Dickerson, Internet Marketing Manager, Philips Lifeline

“I went to the Search Marketing Expo last week, and that was a whole new world for me.”

Robert Riggs, President, Robert Riggs Communications

“This conference was phenomenal. Exhibitors and attendees were engaged.”

Barbara Reiner, Marketing Management’s Weblog

“(SMX West producer) Third Door Media not only hit a home run, at this show, they took the cover right off of the ball. The place was packed but that’s only part of the point. The information was amazing but, that too is only part of the point. SMX felt different, vibrant. It was the little things included in the planning for SMX West that made a difference. Items like fresh fruit, blogging tables in sessions, free WiFi through-out the venue, specialized social networking games and the brilliant Search Marketing Bowl session made life far easier for attendees.”

Jim Hedger, Metamend

“SMX West was nothing but an experience. It was something you had to be in on if you wanted to extract any worth from. Did I learn a lot? Of course! Did I find some great things out? Of course! Will I share them here? NO! Get off your ass and get yourself to the next SMX event if you want to find out what’s up in the world of SEM.”

Eric Lander, Organic Search Optimization Manager, BZ Results / An ADP Company, and Associate Editor, Search Engine Journal

“If you have ever considered attending one of these events, I hope you will take my recommendation and make it happen. SMX offers so many great advantages in this industry, and it would be a shame to miss out.”

Peter Hamilton, Project Manager, ArteWorks SEO

“I wasn’t sure what to expect with SMX West as this was the first large SMX event. I heard great things about at last summer’s SMX Advanced from clients and friends but there was short notice to fit this event into annual budgets of attendees and exhibitors. Now that it’s over I can say that the event was a big success all the way around and portends well for the SMX brand.”

Jonathan Mendez, Founder, RAMP Digital

“I’ve known and worked with Danny since 1997. After 10+ years of attending and speaking at his conferences I still find them fresh, informative and essential. His writing is required reading to maintain an edge and insight into the search industry. Danny’s overall level of expertise and professionalism are only matched by his wit and whimsical approach as well as his stellar singing voice.”

Marshall D. Simmonds, Chief Search Strategist – The New York Times Company & CEO – Define Search Strategies

“SMX is a great experience for all levels of SEM/SEO professionals. This conference differentiates itself from other Search Marketing events with a clear division between SEO and SEM and focuses on advanced topics not normally covered in other conferences. The open discussion forum which included all major Search Engines presented an outlet for future industry
needs and enhancements.”

Rudy DeDominicis, Search Marketing Specialist, Time Inc Interactive

“SMX Advanced was a resourceful and engaging conference consisting of intelligent speakers and an intelligent crowd.”

Julie Sun, Senior Manager of SEO, MTV

“At an SMX conference, you learn from the speakers and the other attendees, who are also some of the most battle-hardened search marketers in this business. I got tremendous insights just hearing the questions they asked in the sessions, and in talking with them between sessions about challenges
they face.”

Matt Van Wagner, President, Find Me Faster

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