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Get Your Boss Onboard!

We see it happen all the time: You’re excited to attend SMX… but convincing your boss can be a challenge. Whether it’s the monetary investment, taking time away from the office, or the classic “What will you actually get out of it?”, we can help you make the case easily, efficiently, and effectively.

Keep scrolling for some helpful talking points that can help get your boss on board!

“This won’t break the bank.”

If you’re like most marketers, you may be juggling more financial priorities than usual. But no matter your budget, you deserve access to quality, affordable, expert-led training. We’ve dramatically lowered the cost of an All Access ticket for 2021 to make it easier than ever for you to attend. Visit the SMX homepage to select an event and learn more about pricing.

Hungry for more? Bundle your All Access pass with a two-day search marketing workshop for the ultimate training experience! Visit the SMX homepage to select an event and learn more about the available workshops.

“It’s 100% virtual, so travel and lodging expenses aren’t an issue.” 

That’s right! You’ll unlock tactic-rich sessions, empowering keynotes, and invaluable community networking — all programmed by the Search Engine Land experts and streamed directly to your computer. No plane ticket, no hotel reservation, no extra expenses.

Whether you couldn’t justify travel costs in the past or quite literally couldn’t make the trip from your corner of the world, we’re thrilled to host you now in this welcoming, digital environment. Tune in from your office, kitchen, couch — wherever!

“All sessions will be available on-demand, so I can train when it’s convenient.” 

Many marketers are working harder than ever, given the current global events. Taking two days off for a training seminar may not be feasible — which is why we’re making all sessions and keynotes available for on-demand viewing immediately following their live broadcast. That means you’ll be able to watch and rewatch all of the SMX programming when it fits your schedule.

Different time zone? No problem. Had to take an important meeting? Fear not. Can’t tune in until after work? We get it. With everything on-demand, you can design your own agenda and train at your convenience.

“This is a great opportunity to prepare for what’s next in search.” 

The Search Engine Land experts always strive to program a highly-relevant and timely program to equip you with the essential intelligence you need to succeed in the “new normal” of 2021 and beyond. Visit the SMX homepage to select an event and learn more about specific training topics!

“I’ll be able to grow my professional network without leaving the office.”

Networking has always been a cornerstone of the SMX experience. We’re still committed to giving you the opportunity to connect with fellow marketers — even if you can’t be face-to-face. Visit the SMX homepage to select an event and learn more about available networking experiences.

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