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Search Marketing Expo – SMX London

18 & 19 May, 2016
etc.venues Bishopsgate

Full Agenda – Day 1 – SMX London – 18th May, 2016

(1 hr)

Breakfast & Registration

(1 hr)


Welcome & Keynote (#smx #Keynote)

(45 min)

Expo Hall Time & Refreshments
Relax after the morning session by touring the expo hall during its grand opening and help yourself to ample, scrumptious refreshments!

(1 hr 15 min)

SEO Track

Content, Keyword Research & The Art Of Audience Engagement (#smx)
Truly effective keyword research goes beyond the numbers game of targeting frequently occurring search terms. Brilliant keyword research attempts to get into the minds of prospects and customers, uncovering needs and desires, yielding insights that can help you create more meaningful, compelling content. Attend this session and learn how this approach to keyword research can lead to higher levels of audience engagement AND boost search rankings.

Paid Search Track

Killer Paid Search Tactics & Techniques (#smx)
By some estimates, there have been 1000+ changes to AdWords and Bing Ads in the past year. Last year’s tactics will only give you last year’s results. Don’t let your PPC campaigns move backwards – come learn from top experts what amazing new tactics, tools, tips and secret sauce will enable you to manage your campaigns to higher levels of performance this year. This session presents the best of the best of the best – it’s what makes it a perennial SMX favorite!

(1 hr)

Lunch, Expo Hall Time

(1 hr 15 min)

SEO Track

Link Auditing & Cleanup For Fun and Profit (#smx)
Link building has changed. Many of the tried-and-true practices of the past no longer work, and some may even result in ranking penalties. So link auditing and cleanup is now more crucial than ever. But how do you go about it? How do you decide what to remove or disavow? This session explores the new best practice methods for link auditing, penalty identification, link cleanup and reporting for clients, managers and the all important “spam cops” at Bing and Google. And yes, it really can be fun… 🙂

Paid Search Track

The Great Campaign Structure & Match Type Debate (#smx)
What’s the best way to organize your campaigns? Separated by match types, single keyword ad groups, or structures guided by goal-oriented or bid modifier strategies? Our panelists will debate the pros and cons, and you’ll walk away with tips and ideas for how to set up, manage and optimize your own campaigns.

(15 min)


(1 hr 15 min)

SEO Track

The Latest In Advanced Technical SEO (#smx)
You’ve mastered the SEO technical basics, but even most battle-scarred veterans are challenged when they dive into the murky world of web site infrastructure. URL parameter facets + pagination + canonicalization? Mobile + international versions? Local/geo + rel next/prev + AJAX + JavaScript + HTTPS? If you’re stumped, you’re in good company. Come hear how the experts tackle the crazy, complicated technical issues that sabotage even the best SEO efforts.

Paid Search Track

How Dynamic Ads Can Supercharge Your SEM Campaigns (#smx)
The ultimate goal is to create a personalized ad for every searcher. While we can’t yet create an ad per person, with Ad customizers, DSAs, and Dynamic Remarketing, ads can be automatically personalized based upon websites, user behavior, time of day, and many other criteria. In this session, we will examine how to create personalized ads at scale.

(30 min)

Refreshments & Expo Hall Time

(1 hr)

SEO Track

Essential Steps For Performing An Effective SEO Audit (#smx)
Just as all serious businesses perform financial audits to uncover errors or performance-impacting omissions, SEO audits are crucial to assure that your sites have maximum search visibility. You’ll learn the most important audit tactics and best practices for making sure your SEO efforts are having optimal impact on performance.

Paid Search Track

Optimizing The Paid Search Conversion Funnel (#smx)
When you’re running an advertising campaign, making sure you know what you’re doing from start to finish is essential. Do you have the right messaging, ad formats, and offers in your ads? Are you reaching the right audience at the right time, maximizing exposure? Have you built high quality landing pages to convert visitors into leads? Finally, are your properly attributing and making informed decisions on the leads you generate? This session focuses on all of the necessary moving parts to ensure your ad campaigns are peak performers.

(1 hr 15 min)
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