Google Analytics 4 and Data Studio training with Colleen Harris


Confidently navigate platform changes and make data-driven decisions

Online March 8-9, 2022 | 12:00pm – 3:00pm ET | $199

Data and analytics. They’re what’s needed to judge if your website, advertising campaign, landing page, or business listing is reaching, engaging, and converting your potential audience. Everyone knows you need your Google Analytics, Search Console and Ads installed to gather all the data. Follow that up with “What do you do with that data?” and you get silence.

Join Colleen Harris, Product Manager for Business Intelligence at Sincro, and dive into this tactical Master Class that will help you set up and use Google Analytics 4 and Data Studio more effectively. By the end of the class, you’ll be able to take control over your digital data and start using it to make smart marketing decisions for your business.

This Master Class will take place live, online March 8-9. Secure your spot now for just $199, but hurry… these Early Bird rates expire on February 12!

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Here’s a breakdown of what will be covered:

  • Why Google Analytics is changing with GA4
  • The major differences between Universal Google Analytics and GA4
  • Where to find your most important data points in GA4
  • Building reportings and customizing events in GA4
  • Organizing digital marketing goals for impactful reporting
  • How analytics design theory can impact reporting organization

After this Master Class, you’ll be able to:

  • Audit Google Analytics set up for proper data flow and collection on your site plus see why setting up alerts are so important
  • Make Google Analytics goals for conversions & engagement on your website.
  • Build custom segments in Google Analytics to compare user flows on your website
  • Understand the different attribution models in Google Analytics and the pros and cons of each
  • Use Google Data Studio as an automation tool for reporting
  • Connect different data sources to reports in Data Studio
  • Edit existing reports as you add your own filters in Data Studio
  • Practice your skills with Google Data Studio by building a new Data Studio report

Who should attend this Master Class?

A wide variety of marketers can benefit from this training experience:

  • Digital marketers wanting to gain skills in Google Analytics
  • Everyone in digital who has been too scared to dive into Google Analytics 4
  • Agencies big and small who want to start using Data Studio to automate reporting
  • Every digital marketer who wants to learn how to stop dumping data on clients

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Meet your Master Class instructor

Colleen Harris is the Director of Google Analytics at Sincro and has more than 20 years of digital marketing experience in the automotive, healthcare, and entertainment industries. In 2020, she was selected as a “Search Marketer of the Year” by Search Engine Land. She brings a passion for data analytics and content creation and has been referred to as the “Google Whisperer”. Colleen has published white papers on Google Analytics and Google Data Studio best practices, how to use “near me” in content, and the impact local call tracking numbers have on SEO. Recent speaking engagements include Automotive Analytics Summit, DMSC, Driving Sales, SMX West, WordPress Camp, CX Data Analytics, Lesbians in Tech, Digital Summit, Digital Marketing Strategies Conference, and SMX Advanced. Outside of Sincro, Colleen is a member of Women in Analytics and has volunteered as a digital consultant for non-profits.

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