SEO for developers training with Detlef Johnson

Implement code-based techniques to support organic optimization

Online March 8-9, 2022 | 12:00pm – 3:00pm ET | $199

Google’s search algorithm updates continue to make old-school optimization less impactful and tools like CMS plugins — while SEO platforms are handling so much more. As a result, we’re seeing an uptick in SEOs wanting to learn about the technical aspects of optimization.

Similarly, as developers continue to create innovative apps and interactive experiences online, largely forgoing CMS plugins and SEO platforms, there is a need for them to know how to do that work in a way that does not hurt — or often enhances — SEO.

The SEO for developers Master Class is where these communities come together.

Join Detlef Johnson and special guest speakers to explore SEO-friendly coding through discussion and live coding demonstrations that will help support your ongoing SEO efforts.

This Master Class will take place live, online March 8-9. Secure your spot now for just $199, but hurry… these Early Bird rates expire on February 12!

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Here’s a breakdown of what will be covered:

What programming languages should I learn?

Virtually everyone starting out in this discipline wants someone to tell them what to learn first. You’ll get the answer to this important question as well as an overview of what programming languages you’ll want to explore once you’ve gotten your feet wet.

SEO semantics with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript

Learn to use semantics throughout your code to structure documents, save yourself from writing too many comments describing what code blocks do, help subsequent programmers figure out your code faster, and simultaneously optimize for the future of search engines.

The Web platform

We’re living in the center of a frontend revolution with the advent of JavaScript now universally available, including on the backend. Together, we’ll look at what’s in store regarding The Web Platform and the possibilities of what’s next for what we currently call search engine indexing.

Deep dive into Core Web Vitals

Google introduced many metrics that have culminated in the Core Web Vitals scoring mechanism which already plays a role in the ranking algorithm. We’re going to look at each of the metrics and what page elements affect the scores so that you can begin optimizing for the User Experience algorithm ranking factor, the effects of which have ramped up from mid-August 2021 through full implementation February 2022.

The road ahead

In order to read the development workflow tea leaves as a future technical SEO practitioner, especially for those who get their hands dirty in code, we will look at evaluating what’s possible with bleeding-edge solution providers. We’ll also dive into strategies for delivering SEO through microservices in a serverless environment and neat new things like Deno along with other new paradigms like Svelte and Web Assembly.

Open Q&A

Bring your burning SEO / developer questions! Every hour has Q&A where we reply to as much as we can from beginner questions to entertain expert opinions and pontificate. No question is too small, or too big, to ask.

A note about technical requirements: While there are no technical requirements for this event, in order to replicate the coding that Detlef will be demonstrating, you will need the following:

  • A bash compatible shell (Z-shell on a Mac etc.)
  • A recent version of NodeJS installed

A basic JavaScript understanding is required to follow some of the logic of more advanced discussion, while no JavaScript knowledge is actually required to at least get a sense for how developers work in the SEO context to begin to learn what’s possible with your developer.

After this Master Class, you’ll be able to:

  • Feel more confident writing HTML5 for search engines
  • Better understand how Internet and website indexing works
  • Improved communications between developers and SEO practitioners
  • Experiment with processing scripts using a local or remote terminal
  • Tackle Core Web Vitals for improving User Experience ranking factors
  • Take in the lay of the land with one eye on future technology

Who should attend this Master Class?

While you do not need to be able to fully code to gain a ton of insight from attending the SEO for developers Master Class, knowing how to code a little will go a long way. If you’re already a seasoned web developer who wants to know how SEO web developers think, then this course will be ideal for you.

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Meet your Master Class instructor

Detlef Johnson is the SEO for Developers Expert for Search Engine Land and SMX. He is also a member of the programming team for SMX events and writes the SEO for Developers series on Search Engine Land. Detlef is one of the original group of pioneering webmasters who established the professional SEO field more than 20 years ago. Since then he has worked for major search engine technology providers, managed programming and marketing teams for Chicago Tribune, and consulted for numerous entities including Fortune 500 companies and agencies who service them. Detlef has a strong understanding of Technical SEO and a passion for Web programming to provide advice and special services that often include source code.

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