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SEO-friendly content marketing training

Design effective editorial strategies that drive traffic and engage visitors

Online March 1-2, 2023 | 12:00pm – 3:00pm ET | $299

Smart marketers know that SEO and content are essential ingredients for successful search marketing. But even more important is that these two cornerstones work together in harmony. Consistently developing high-quality content that delivers a valuable, seamless user experience, showcases your site as trustworthy and authoritative, incorporates the right keywords the right way, and has appropriate interlinking for an increase in traffic ALL depends on content marketers understanding and embracing fundamental tenets of SEO.

If you’re struggling with how to produce high-quality content in such a way that helps achieve organic growth, this Master Class is for you.

In this hands-on Master Class, speaker, author, and leading expert Michael Brenner will equip you with a tactical roadmap that can help get your marketing teams on board with SEO — and help them deliver content that achieves a high level of organic reach, engagement, and conversions.

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Here’s a breakdown of what will be covered:

  • What is Content Marketing and why it is so important
  • The foundation to content marketing success
  • The components of a positive digital content experience
  • How to craft an editorial strategy that maps content to the right audience
  • What topics, types and formats of content should you create
  • Which channels should you consider for distributing content
  • How to measure content marketing effectiveness

After this Master Class, you’ll be able to:

  • Build the business case and gain the budget for content marketing
  • Reach, engage, and convert new customers for your business
  • Identify the key factors of effective content marketing
  • Develop your own roadmap to successfully produce great content that also meets your SEO goals
  • Measure and report on content marketing achievements in the form of leads, sales, and ROI
  • Explain the SEO context for content marketing and the importance of documenting the right strategy with your marketing teams
  • Establish key roles and responsibilities for everyone involved in this initiative
  • Define key metrics to measure the success of your content marketing programs
  • Execute a documented content development marketing roadmap specific to your business needs

Who should attend this Master Class?

Anyone looking to define a strategy for content marketing success should attend this Master Class. If you are looking to understand how SEO relates to content marketing and how together they can drive more traffic and rankings from your website content, more awareness for the brand, and more measurable results from your content marketing… then this training course is for you!

Register for $299

Meet your Master Class instructor

Michael Brenner is a top Content Marketing influencer, an experienced CMO and Digital Marketer with stints at brands like SAP and Nielsen and multiple high-growth startups. Today, Michael runs a fast-growing content marketing agency, Marketing Insider Group. He is also the author of The Content Formula, and Mean People Suck. When he’s not running after his 4 kids, or building effective content marketing programs. Michael enjoys sharing his experiences and client stories to inspire leaders like you to create growth and impact.

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