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SMX Next Agenda

June 23 & 24, 2020

The SMX Next agenda will be live soon! Until then, check out the four, forward-thinking keynotes that will be presented by the Search Engine Experts you know and trust:

How To Emerge A Nimbler, Smarter, More Successful PPC Marketer
Ginny Marvin – Editor-in-Chief, Search Engine Land

For so many marketers and brands, the crisis of the past few months has been one of extremes. Some have had to react quickly to the challenges of surging demand, while others are experiencing layoffs, furloughs, and doing more with less. AI and machine learning continue to force fundamental shifts in the way we do our jobs and the skills we prioritize. Automation-enabled marketers can respond faster to shifts in customer demands and behaviors, and quickly test and onboard new features, tools, and channels. For paid search marketers, this is the time to create an infrastructure that will enable your accounts — and careers — to be nimble, responsive, and forward-looking.

In this keynote, Search Engine Land Editor-in-Chief, Ginny Marvin, will discuss key lessons from the past few months, automation’s role and how to put it into practice, plus proven ways to emerge better positioned to succeed as PPC marketers, teams, and organizations.

Lessons From Past Google Algorithm Updates & Preparing For What’s Next
Barry Schwartz – SEO Editor, Search Engine Land

Explore the history of some of the larger Google search ranking algorithm updates… from the very early days of Google through the latest Google Core Updates. Barry Schwartz, SEO editor of Search Engine Land, will explain each algorithm update, what they aimed to accomplish, and how the SEO and publishing industries had to adapt their websites and online strategies.

Through this twenty-year journey of Google’s search ranking updates, Barry will demonstrate how each one took another step towards building quality and authoritative search results. Ultimately, you’ll discover that it’s not about chasing the algorithm, but being one or two steps ahead of these algorithm updates with your website, your content, and your marketing efforts. You’ll walk away from this keynote with the tools, knowledge, and expertise to be ready for the next big Google search algorithm update.

Content Marketing In Times Of Disruption
George Nguyen – Associate Editor, Search Engine Land

The upheaval caused by COVID-19 is driving a wedge between many brands and their audiences… but it’s also providing opportunities to distinguish your organization from others.

During this keynote, George Nguyen, associate editor of Search Engine Land, will talk about trends and behavioral shifts he is seeing in the market right now and how you can anticipate your customer’s needs to seize those opportunities over the short and long term. We’ll take a closer look at how we think about an organization’s ability to produce timely content, how to measure success, and what we need to do to ensure evergreen content continues to stay relevant and strike the right tone.

GMB Next: The Evolution Of Local Search
Greg Sterling – Contributing Editor, Search Engine Land

Though formally launched in 2014, Google My Business was actually born in 2005 as the “Google Local Business Center.” Since then, it has seen regular upgrades and changes, accelerating in the past year and with COVID-19. Once simply a place to enter business name, address and phone number, it has become a dynamic “engagement platform” that increasingly manages customer relationships and drives transactions, including e-commerce.

GMB is something of a microcosm of changes happening in the broader market as online and offline become more tightly integrated. Greg Sterling, contributing editor of Search Engine Land, will take you through GMB’s evolution and consider what’s next — in the process exploring what’s in store for the future of local search in a post-COVID marketing world.

Stay tuned for more agenda details for SMX Next!

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