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Benu Aggarwal
, President and Founder, Milestone, Inc.

Kristina Azarenko
, SEO Consultant & Founder, MarketingSyrup Digital Inc.

Basheer Bergus
, Co-Founder, Growphoria

Ashley Berman Hale
, VP, Professional Services, Deepcrawl

Robert Berousek
, SEO Training & Development Manager, Dealer Inspire

Jessica Bowman
, Enterprise SEO Consultant & Author of Executive SEO Playbook,

Michael Brenner
, CEO and Founder, Marketing Insider Group

Crystal Carter
, Senior Digital Strategist, Optix Solutions

Bruce Clay
, President, Bruce Clay, Inc.

Matt Colebourne
, CEO, Searchmetrics

Andrea Cruz
, Director of Client Strategy, Tinuiti

Neha Divanji
, Founder, Growth Spin Limited

Allison Duvall
, SEM Senior Manager, Merkle

Nati Elimelech
, Tech SEO Lead, Wix

Eric Enge
, President, Pilot Holding

Jonathan Epstein
, Chief Executive Officer, Brewco, Inc.

David Farkas
, Founder and CEO, The Upper Ranks

Emma Franks
, Account Based Marketing Manager, TAB Bank

Gary Galloway
, Global Product Marketing Director, Adthena

Brad Geddes
, Co-Founder, Adalysis

Colleen Harris
, Senior Product Manager for Business Intelligence, Sincro

Amy Hebdon
, Founder & CEO, Paid Search Magic

Bill Hunt
, CEO, Back Azimuth Consulting

Katy Hunter
, Senior Director Product Marketing, Microsoft

Rodney Ip
, Global Product Lead, Google Ads, Google

Michael Johnson
, Partnerships Development Manager, Page One Power

Hannah Johnson
, Associate SEO Manager, Merkle

Dixon Jones
, CEO, DHJ Ventures

Amanda Jordan
, Director, Local Search, LOCOMOTIVE Agency

Jonathan Kagan
, VP of Search, 9Rooftops|Cogniscient Media

Sean Kainec
, VP - Strategic Growth & Marketing, Quattro

Kelli Kemery
, Senior Market Research Manager, Microsoft

Diane Kulseth
, Senior SEO Consultant and Trainer, Siteimprove

Aaron Levy
, VP of Paid Search, Tinuiti

Melissa Liu
, Associate Media Director, Search, RPA

Andrew Lolk
, Founder, SavvyRevenue

Carolyn Lyden
, Director of Search Content, Search Engine Land

Joe Martinez
, Co-Founder, Paid Media Pros

Michelle Morgan
, Co-Founder, Paid Media Pros

Stephen Rahal
, Director of Product Marketing, Coveo

Andreas Reiffen
, Founder & CEO, Crealytics

Abby Reimer
, SEO Manager, Uproer

Kevin Rowe
, CEO, PureLinq

Pankaj Sabharwal
, Senior Digital Marketing Manager | Google Ads Platinum Product Expert, Grazitti Interactive

Kyra Sammis
, Customer Success Manager, Trustpilot

Nicholas Scalice
, Founder, GrowthMarketer

Ashley Segura
, CoFounder, TopHatContent

Kristen Seto
, SEO Manager, Trusted Media Brands, Inc.

John Shehata
, VP, Global Audience Development Strategy & CRM, Conde Nast

Pascal Skropke
, CMO, Design-Bestseller

Colt Sliva
, SEO Engineer, iPullRank

Danita Smith
, SEO Program Lead, North America and Senior Web Specialist, Schneider Electric

Anastasia Sorokina
, Director, SEM, WITHIN

Chris Spann
, Senior Technical SEO, Deepcrawl

Roxana Stingu
, Head of Search & SEO, Alamy LTD

Patrick Stox
, Product Advisor, Technical SEO, & Brand Ambassador, Ahrefs

Pooja Swaika
, Analytical Lead, Microsoft

Sam Tomlinson
, Executive VP, Strategy & Analytics, Warschawski

Dr. Lauren Tucker
, CEO, Do What Matters

Frederick Vallaeys
, Co-founder & CEO, Optmyzr

Purna Virji
, Senior Consultant, Content Solutions, LinkedIn

Shayla Wentz
, Marketing Automation and Demand Generation Manager, Grazitti Interactive

Jonathan Wilson
, Director, Digital Marketing, Wolters Kluwer

Murat Yatağan
, Consultant, Growth and Product Management, Brainly
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