In-house SEO exchange: Live workshop

Online November 11-12 – $149

Get all your nuanced in-house SEO questions answered in this two-day workshop! Join enterprise SEO veteran Jessica Bowman and a virtual room full of other in-house SEO managers who understand your complex systems, legacy challenges, and if/then scenarios that aren’t typically discussed at conferences.

This is an environment where other in-house SEO managers pull back the curtain and show you exactly what they’re doing, what’s working, and what isn’t. It’s always unique, always insightful, and completely up-to-date with what is happening in the real world of implementing SEO at large companies. Don’t miss your chance to attend

PLEASE NOTE: It’s just for in-house SEO managers.

This workshop is only available to “in-house SEOs”: “In-house SEOs” are people who work full-time at a company that does not offer search marketing services. If you do not fall under this criteria, you will be contacted to select another workshop.

This workshop is not available to Agencies, consultants, bloggers, vendors, press. We vet the list and only allow in-house SEO managers to attend.

This workshop will take place live online on November 11-12 from 12:00pm – 3:00pm ET each day. Book now for $149 or bundle with an SMX Next All Access pass for $299! These Super Early Bird rates expire Saturday, October 2… don’t wait, register now!

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Workshops will be available for viewing on-demand until Monday, January 10, 2022.

Here’s your workshop preview: 

WHO YOU ARE: You’re an in-house SEO manager trying to do SEO with complex systems, legacy challenges and if/then scenarios that aren’t even discussed at conferences. (Sorry, agencies and consultants are not allowed.)

WHY THIS WORKSHOP FOR IN-HOUSE SEOs: SEO managers get to bring their pressing questions that need answers so they can wrap up their roadmap, finalize project documentation, dig themselves out of SEO challenges, and start adding incremental SEO revenue immediately. All your questions get answered in two half-day sessions.

HOW IT WORKS: You bring in your questions and that becomes the agenda for facilitated discussion. We discuss every question/challenge with companies of many industries, sizes, and experiences. In-between our two sessions, Jessica Bowman will prepare slides/resources for questions that require specific insights.

YOU’LL SEE HOW OTHER COMPANIES DO SEO: Over two half-days, SEO managers at many companies will pull back the curtain and show you exactly what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and how you can apply it in your company.

SO MEATY, IT’S UNTWEETABLE: It’s a “What’s said here stays here” event… you can’t talk about it publicly (no exceptions).

SENIOR-LEVEL SEOs ATTEND THIS WORKSHOP: Because your workshop leader up-levels the conversations, even the most senior SEOs get answers and new insights they need to take their already flying SEO program to new levels.

BEGINNER & INTERMEDIATE SEOs ATTEND THIS WORKSHOP: All levels walk away feeling like they were fed through a firehose (in a good way), yet have know how to apply it in their unique situation.

BOTTOM LINE: SEO managers don’t attend just once, they come again and again….and again. This event delivers… and it’s been attended (repeatedly) by some of the biggest brands online such as Adobe, Cisco, Home Depot, and more.

WHO LEADS THIS WORKSHOP: Your workshop leader is Jessica Bowman, an industry veteran with 18 years of SEO experience at the enterprise-level. She works with some of the biggest brands in the world, founded, and literally wrote the book on how to do SEO at large companies (The Executive SEO Playbook, forward by Danny Sullivan).

“If I could dream up the perfect SEO course to attend every year this would be it!” -Brian Ledis, Product Developer, Thompson Reuters

Topics we’ll discuss:

We discuss what’s on YOUR list of questions (and the lists of other attendees)… we plow through them all in two days. You can ask follow-up questions, talk about your nuances and if/then scenarios and bounce ideas off others. If by some chance we as a collective group don’t have the answer, Jessica has a Rolodex of SEO managers across the globe ready to help another in-house SEO manager out.

Bring your questions around topics such as:

  • Migrations
  • Reporting
  • Scaling SEO
  • SEO Tools
  • SEO productivity hacks
  • Link building
  • SEO on millions of pages
  • How to get development to do the right thing for SEO
  • How to get content optimized (by other teams)
  • Who saw a traffic drop? How did you get out of it?
  • Schema
  • AMP
  • International SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • SEO strategy
  • How companies are changing content to be featured in featured snippets
  • Strategy adjustments in light of recent algorithm changes
  • Voice search and digital assistant strategies being applied today

Have questions about this event? Contact Jessica at


In-house SEO Managers wanted you to know…

“If you come alone, you’ll wish you brought your whole team” – Coy Gupta, Paychex

“If I could only attend one event each year, this would be it!” – Warren Lee, Adobe

“You get 1:1 experience with other in-house SEOs… hands down the best in-house SEO program” – Natalie Downing,

“The best component is being able to interact with other in-house search marketers and bounce ideas off each other. I would recommend it for this reason.” – In-house SEO, – Kelley Blue Book

“I loved that it was centered around the questions of each attendee. Your format for the In-House SEO exchange is right on. – Enterprise-Level In-house SEO, Attendee from SMX Advanced

“In-house SEOs will benefit from the safe haven of this event so that we can share openly, get input from people who have been through their challenges and get several solutions from a room full of people who understand the unique challenges of in-house SEO.” -Duane Forrester, Former Senior Program Manager, SEO, Microsoft/MSN

“It’s where you can get the scoop on juicy off-white SEO tactics, in addition to what works, what doesn’t work, and what Google hasn’t been able to figure out.” – Anonymous attendee, Sent 3 people to the workshop

“The course was incredible and I can’t thank you enough!! If i could dream up the perfect SEO course to attend year after year this would be it!” –Brian Ledis, Product Developer, Thompson Reuters

“The needs of search marketers doing SEO in-house are broader than the topics covered at most conferences. It’s not just about basic tactics: you also have to deal with organizational, political and process-related challenges. Insights into how to get past these hurdles often come from peers at other companies who either are or have been going through similar challenges. Having a day that is dedicated to enabling these conversations is priceless.” – Olivier Lemaignen, Group Manager, Global Search Marketing, Intuit

“The opportunity to just sit and bounce ideas off others in a semi-guided and themed way was unique and clearly the best bit…pub meets never have that kind of focus, and those kind of conversations rarely flourish in a standard conference situation. Understanding and agreeing that what was said in the room stayed in the room allowed for a much free-er discussion and I think was really valuable for everyone.” – Attendee from SMX Advanced

“The small group atmosphere lets you tap into the collective intelligence of talented search marketing experts from across the internet. Moreover, by meeting and sharing with these individuals, you have the opportunity to establish friendships and grow your network of resources – a HUGE plus for future conferences.” – Anonymous attendee

Book your workshop pass now for just $149… or bundle with an SMX Next All Access pass for just $299! Don’t wait, register now!

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Meet your workshop instructor

Jessica Bowman

Enterprise SEO in-house has been putting food on Jessica Bowman’s table since 2002. She’s the trusted advisor for some of the biggest brands in the world and quickly mobilizes teams company-wide to start taking action on SEO within days from developers to product managers to merchandisers. Jessica created the only online, enterprise-level company-wide SEO training uniquely designed for large corporations to mobilize an SEO army across all roles, company-wide. Jessica founded, a consultancy focused on doing SEO in-house and she literally wrote the playbook on doing SEO at a large company.

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