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A Guide to Joining Our Speaker Community at Search Marketing Expo – SMX Conferences

Interested in speaking at our virtual or in-person events with Search Marketing Expo? Or being a guest for our weekly Live with Search Engine Land meetups? If you have an idea for a panel discussion you’d like to submit to our programming team, here’s how it all works.

We review pitches for events, panel discussions and meetups through the SMX website. There is no fee to submit an idea, nor do we pay any session speakers to present or be a guest panelist during one of our events.

Before you submit a session idea, please read these important guidelines and tips to help increase the likelihood of your session being accepted.

1. Directly from the speaker: Submissions must come directly from the person making the pitch, in their name, with their email address. If you’re a PR person or firm, you can work with the potential speaker to help craft the submission. You can even fill out the form on their behalf, as long as they have reviewed the submission.

2. Plan for the session length:

    • For virtual events, sessions are typically 30 minutes. Limit the scope of your session idea to a useful aspect of your topic that you can teach within the timeframe without rushing through the material.
    • Live with Search Engine Land is one hour and typically involves multiple panelists. Our weekly live event can be discussions, presentations, tutorials and meetups. No matter the format, we want everyone to stay sharp and up to date on tactics and best practices. These weekly meetups are about giving great marketers a platform to inform, support and convene our global community. You should have in-depth professional experience in digital marketing and be willing to share knowledge with other marketers. In many cases, that requires a level of expertise that comes with senior- and executive-level experience, but we are always looking for rising stars who have proven tactics to share as well. Creativity is encouraged.
    • For in-person events, sessions are typically 45 minutes long with 1-2 speakers per session. That means your speaking time could be 20 minutes long or 40 minutes long.
    • Insights sessions are different for in-person events. They are 10-12 minutes long and are meant to be tactical, specific and actionable. Speakers are challenged to deliver insights in a limited amount of time: one must-try tactic, one nugget of sage advice, or one takeaway that makes you more productive.

3. Unique topic focus and actionable session format: We’re looking for original session ideas that are practical and applicable in the real world. They should focus on SEO, SEM/PPC, Digital Commerce, Technical SEO or another related area of search marketing. Case studies are always appreciated as long as they don’t promote one agency’s work, but instead focus on a problem and solution that others can apply to their businesses. Provide as many details as possible and at least three objectives–things attendees will be able to do as a result of attending your session.

4. No sales pitches: Our speakers consist of those who work for brands, agencies and sometimes technology companies but all are evaluated on whether or not their content will elevate the knowledge and practice of our attendees. The sessions are strictly vetted to be educational and in no way promotion for the speaker or their company. Sponsored speaking and content opportunities for our US-based shows can be found here.

Here are the forms and key dates to keep in mind for the coming months:

Show Accepting Pitches Speakers Finalized Event Dates
Live with Search Engine Land OPEN On-going Weekly
SMX Fall (online) Closed September 2020 December 8-9, 2020
SMX West 2021 OPEN December 2020 February 2021
SMX London 2021 OPEN March 2021 May 18-19, 2021
SMX Advanced 2021 OPEN April 2021 June 7-9, 2021

Note: Dates are approximate.

After you submit a session idea: We are happy to report we get many ideas, but unfortunately we can only use a small percentage of what we receive. If we have a question or are interested in your submission someone may contact you for more information.

If you’re accepted to speak, you’ll receive a confirmation email about the next steps in the process.

Speakers for in-person events receive an All-Access Pass to the entire SMX event. However, travel and accommodations are not provided.

Thanks again for your interest in our events. We couldn’t put on a great event without our expert community of industry practitioners.

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