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Search marketers love SMX… read what they have to say!

“I loved what you are doing here, thank you so much. I cannot even think of much to improve this, just really thankful for the information shared and the chance to feel part of the community.”

– Janina Guthke, Sr. SEO Content Strategist, Expedia

“I thought overall everything ran pretty dang smoothly and loved the Q&A follow-ups to the sessions.”

– Gabrielle Roman, Content Strategist, Signal Theory

“It was packed with so many great sessions!”

– Laurie Berger, SEO Managing Editor, Yelp

“I attended SMX 2012 in NY and learned a lot, as I was just beginning to learn about SEO. Ten years later, I am now back in a position where we have an initiative to improve our SEO for three websites. SMX was very timely, at least for me. In fact, just the week prior to my registration, I was telling my boss about this conference. The online classes are fantastic! First of all, they were free, so it was very easy to convince my boss to have two days to study this topic more in-depth. Secondly, it has been extremely helpful to go back and watch the videos again to catch things that I missed the first time around!!”

– LaBron Mathews, Lead Gen Manager, ExpoDisplays

“I love the practical examples many of the presenters used rather than theoretical conversation.”

– Kim Hoggan, Paid Search Analyst, Storable

“Please keep the hybrid format. It´s gorgeous 🙂 I was able to attend during my work day!”

– Susanne Nauroth, SEO Manager,

“This was my first SMX in some time, and first virtual SMX event – and I think it went very well. There were many time blocks that I would’ve loved to be in two places at one time, but having access to recordings after the fact was really helpful for those instances.”

– Eric Lander, Director of Marketing Operations, Haskell

“Speaker topics were on par with the growing search environment. I was very pleased.”

– Benjamin Kent, SEO Manager, Known

“I really enjoy the fact that I can go back and view videos I had missed. I like the format and the way it was laid out.”

– Aaron Esmark, Paid Media Specialist, Clayton Homes

“The presenters were very organized and knowledgeable. The material is available for us to download. All sessions recordings are available so that we can catch up on what we’ve missed. The sessions started and ended precisely at the designated time. All was perfect! Thank you for your effort and time <3”

– Huda Gamal, Content Lead,

“I thought you did an excellent job all around. This was my first time attending and I was impressed.”

– Joe Walter, Owner, SearchWurx LLC

“I love that this was free… I wouldn’t have been able to attend otherwise. So thank you so much for that!!! I feel like I have been drinking from a firehose for the last two days. So much awesome content. The speakers did a fantastic job.”

– Autumn Green, Marketing Manager, Benefitfocus

“Well done! It’s a lot to absorb, so I really appreciated being able to download the presentations to be able to revisit certain topics.”

– Sam Sackett, VP, JPMorgan Chase

“It was a great event with lots of practical takeaways.”

– David Koke, Senior Performance Marketing Manager, Relative Insight

“I am still new to the field but it was great! Super easy to follow each session and I liked the related links.”

– Mae Mullen, SEO Research Analyst, Southern New Hampshire University

“First SMX, and it exceeded my expectations!”

– Diana Wheeler, Paid Search Manager, Neo Media World

“Good variety of topics and platforms covered. Found the whole thing very educational with great moderators during the Q & As.”

– Andrew Van Roekel, Paid Search Specialist, Star Tribune

“This was one of the **smoothest** online events I’ve ever attended!”

– Andrea Sobotor, Managing Director, Webmetrx

“I really really liked SMX Next… [it] had amazing speakers and really valuable info. Fred Valleys, Brad Geddes, and Paid Media Pros are my favourite PPC specialists and my go-to resources. I am really happy we can attend online, not sure I would have been able to participate in person. Thanks for everything!”

– Denisa Sirca, PPC Specialist, SVGator

“I look forward to it every year. I love that it’s digital now — it makes it so much easier to attend!”

– Claudette Hobbart, Content Scientist, Juniper Networks

“I love the diversity of speakers.”

– Jessica Grammer, SEO Advisor, FedEx

“This was my first SMX conference and I thought it was really well done. I appreciated the immediate on-demand sessions.”

– Rebecca Levinson, SEO Team Lead, Sentry

“It was very well run, the tech worked great, and the topics were all very relevant and helpful.”

– Trent Howell, Head of Marketing, SmartyStreets

“Honestly, it was great – the site worked great, presentations were top-notch, and loved the live ‘Overtime’ sessions.”

– Melissa Mackey, Search Supervisor, gyro, A Merkle Company

“This went extremely well, no technical hiccups, and fantastic content. Aces all around!”

– Christopher Fink, Owner, Dagaz

“Everything ran smoothly, the sessions were informative and easy to follow, the topics were broad but applicable… well done.”

– Kaity Taylor, Director of SEO, Scorpion

“Everything was good. Well-organized.”

– Nasim Jafarzadeh, SEO Consultant, SEO Pioneers

“This was really well done, the content was on point, the speakers were fantastic.”

– Katelynn Ruffing, Sr. Paid Search Analyst, Safelite

“Keep it virtual! Made a huge difference for my team. We wouldn’t be able to do this in person. AND so much more effective from a learning point than live SMX. So many advantages.”

– Zhenya Beck, Head of Marketing, Freightera

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