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SMX West:

This was by far the best conference I have ever attended. My team has gained learning from SMX that will make us and many other companies millions in the coming years.

– Michael Bodnar, A-1 Locksmiths

Amazing amount of knowledge gained in four days, loved the format of asking questions live. Received a tremendous amount of knowledge from some wickedly smart people!

– Brandi Kloostra, Service Brands International

SMX really shines when it comes to providing a one-on-one opportunity to talk with the experts. The planned evening social events were also fun and productive. They helped me develop connections beyond a brief meeting which will be key to fostering actual business relationships.

– Angie Schottmuller, Interactive Artisan

I found the keynote presentations to be interesting and innovative.

– Adrienne Frankenfield, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Online

…the opportunity to learn and discuss SEO with new friends and faces, plus the opportunity to meet industry experts. The birds of a feather tables are excellent.

– Catriona Orosco, Yardi Systems

I learned a bunch. And I enjoyed the honest interviews. It was not all nicey-nicey.

– Deb Edgecombe, Creative Converting

You’re up to speed with the industry within one week.

– Martin Koel, InternetMarketingMan.nl

…there was the incredible buzz of excitement around all the latest thinking in the SEO industry. There were so many good take-aways, one is challenged to take advantage of them all.

– Eileen Scharenbroch, Briggs & Stratton Corp.

…the sessions easily paid for the investment. Can’t imagine a better way to learn from the best in the business, and network with those serious about staying on top of the SEO/SEM industry.

– Frank Barnett, Speech Privacy Systems

Great information and great people who are dealing with many of the same issues…refreshing!

– Andrew Brewster, BV Consulting

Great conference. I would definitely attend again. There were several instances where I had a very tough time deciding which session to go to.

– Jack Ogilvie, Radiant Systems

I left SMX feeling refreshed, for lack of a better term. Not refreshed physcially, because I was pretty exhausted, but refreshed in terms of my attitude towards SEO. I felt much more engaged with the SEO community as a whole, and all of the things that are currently going on in the world of search. I definitely look forward to attending another conference like this, and would encourage you to do the same if possible.

– John Vantine, Wpromote


SMX East:

For the third year in a row, I’m still trying to digest the information I learned a week later. I can’t wait to put it in action for my company!

– Nicki Hicks, flyte new media

Really outstanding conference – I’ll be returning next year!

– Stephanie Salmon, US News & World Report

I love the content of the show. For most of the time slots there were more than one session I wanted to go to! Overall, speakers were great. Audience questions were great. Vendors were great. Wonderful experience!

– Val Czamara, Eric Mower and Associates

My favorite thing about the show is… the fact that you learn what you aren’t doing and why you should be doing it! As a takeaway I had 5+ things that we have now started to implement to get our clients greater reach and visibility.

– Aimee Smith, Moore and Scarry Advertising

I found the speakers and their content to be both relevant and informative. I really enjoyed this conference and felt I learned a lot that I am able to use in my day-to-day work. I was very impressed with the speakers that presented and their ability to deliver real world examples that I could take back with me.

– Felicia Visser, Fiserv

Overall, an excellent experience. Well done to the team! I am certainly planning on returning next year.

– Matt Chamley, Webfirm

SMX is a great digital marketing conference, covering all aspects of the digital space – despite focusing in on how to rank competitively in Search Engines. I recommend it to any one serious about marketing – especially on the web.

– Tim Eschenauer, Austin & Williams


SMX Advanced Seattle:

This was my first time attending SMX. I thought it was a great way to meet new people with the same interests and listen to amazing keynote speakers. I’M HOOKED!

– Chris Rosser, Moneytree, Inc.

We had a great time – all of the events were fantastic and we learned a ton. The Birds of a Feather lunches were a great idea to get like-minded people together, not only to connect but to share ideas, network, help each other out, etc.

– Stacy Kowalchuk, Trupanion

…the best networking opportunities with leading experts all in one place.

– David Reynolds, Reed Business Information

The amount of information and actionable ideas that you take away is outstanding and will hopefully make our company that much better.

– Bert Adam, Sierra Trading Post

I’m actually a little overwhelmed because I learned so many tactics I want to apply to our business. It was great to be around other SEO, SEM professionals like myself and brainstorm with them.

– Elesha Soldan, Buyseasons, Inc

Loved the show, though I wish there was more of me as I wanted to view multiple tracks that were going on at the same time.

– TJ Szymczak, YPM, Inc.

SMX Advanced is the show for folks interested in more than just basic industry information and expertise.

– Brian Ussery, Search Discovery Inc

Nice to pick up new tips and tricks as well as reassurance that I’m on the right track with a strong foundation. Invaluable for anyone who is serious about Search Marketing.

– Andrew Wong, Inflection

One of the best conferences I have attended (I attended many) and my third year for SMX Advanced. I value the advanced tracks with more advanced colleagues to network and learn from.

– Shannon Yelland, activestate

…the networking and socializing with my peer community is more than beyond invaluable to me… It’s downright priceless!

– Alan Bleiweiss, Search Marketing Wisdom

SMX Advanced is “the” conference of the year I suggest when I am asked the question: “What is the one conference you recommend I go to?” and I am ALWAYS asked the question. The networking opportunities, quality of speakers and information given is second to none.

– Matt Siltala, Dream Systems Media

I wish I had a clone with me. So much great content, speakers, and topics. I must say that the best information gained was during the networking events though; the contacts and conversations have been priceless.

– Zak Nicola, Kaseya

I love SMX – it should a priority event for any online marketing company!

– Scott Fish, EngineWorks

This was my first SMX show, and needless to say I’m hooked. I can’t get enough, I have turned into a Search Junkie!!

– Ryan Everhart, Omni Imaging LLC

SMX Advanced  may have been the best conference I have attended in the last few years. The speakers did a good job of providing high level content and there was plenty of time for conversations in between sessions.

– Arnie Kuenn, Vertical Measures

Thank you again for another year that has given me a list of action items, a brain full of ideas and a heart filled with motivation to achieve the best SEO practices.

– John Zarate, Veeco Instruments, Inc.

This was by far the best conference I have been to. I enjoyed not having to go through the basics of SEO and Social Media. It allowed for a lot more in-depth learning and even threw some things out that I had to look up!

– Ellen Wright, LA-CO Industries, Inc.

SMX Advanced was extremely organized, held in a great venue and was jam packed with valuable takeaways and networking opportunities for both seasoned SEOs and newbies!

– Alison Johnson, Carlson Marketing

All the speakers were very passionate and engaged in their fields/expertise.

– John Zarate, Veeco Instruments, Inc.

Overall I love the sessions, some really interesting topics and ideas being shared. Great access to all of the data from the website.

– Emma Cockburn, Resultrix



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