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SMX West:

Being new to SEO, I learned a lot of interesting trends and best practices from the conference that I can take back to my team to strategize and implement. Lots of ah-ha moments for me and everything has clicked into place when it comes to SEO. Thank you and I look forward to coming back next year!

– Charlyn Caneba, Synchrony Financial/CareCredit

The speakers are insightful and well-prepared, the hotel is a sigh of relief, and the after-hours events are thoughtfully planned.

– Heather Shipe, Dollar Tree

This was my second time attending SMX West and my only complaint would be the weather, but I’m not holding that against you. 🙂 The speakers you are able to find are top-notch and they are all very interesting to listen to. Even topics that I would imagine wouldn’t be all that interesting come across very well in these outstanding conferences. I would come every year if I could — outstanding content!


Absolutely loved the conference in San Jose this year! I loved that there were different classes that fit beginner, advanced, and all. The classes were very diverse and my team was able to go to classes that fit their specific interests. We came out of the conference with so many new ideas and tools! Thank you.

– Renae Lindahl, Star Tribune

I really enjoyed this years’ conference. I appreciate the focus on PPC processes, audiences and automation. Great tips universal in every industry.

– Susanna Anderson, ISM

The conference is very well organized and the speakers/content are top notch. I got many actionable take-aways and ideas from the sessions that I can take back and implement in my client accounts. Also love having a hearty breakfast, delicious lunches and fun networking activities like the Tech Museum. All-around great event.

– Robert Brady, Righteous Marketing

It wasn’t sales focused. Great presenters. Appreciated that one presenter would almost teach a topic and then another presenter would actually show how they put it into practice. Loved the insights and appreciated that all the insights were put into one deck!

– Amanda Mierau, Sharp HealthCare

I learned a lot of useful tips that I can take back to my organization in order to improve our SEM program. Because i’m relatively new to Search marketing, I found the Bootcamp and automation sessions especially helpful and insightful.

– Christine Estevez, Capital Group

Very informational for someone who is new to search marketing. Fun experience with a great group of speakers to listen to and interact with.

– Nicole Gallo, Zazzle

This was by far the best conference I have ever attended. My team has gained learning from SMX that will make us and many other companies millions in the coming years.

– Michael Bodnar, A-1 Locksmiths

Amazing amount of knowledge gained in four days, loved the format of asking questions live. Received a tremendous amount of knowledge from some wickedly smart people!

– Brandi Kloostra, Service Brands International

SMX really shines when it comes to providing a one-on-one opportunity to talk with the experts. The planned evening social events were also fun and productive. They helped me develop connections beyond a brief meeting which will be key to fostering actual business relationships.

– Angie Schottmuller, Interactive Artisan

I found the keynote presentations to be interesting and innovative.

– Adrienne Frankenfield, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Online

…the opportunity to learn and discuss SEO with new friends and faces, plus the opportunity to meet industry experts. The birds of a feather tables are excellent.

– Catriona Orosco, Yardi Systems

I learned a bunch. And I enjoyed the honest interviews. It was not all nicey-nicey.

– Deb Edgecombe, Creative Converting

You’re up to speed with the industry within one week.

– Martin Koel,

…there was the incredible buzz of excitement around all the latest thinking in the SEO industry. There were so many good take-aways, one is challenged to take advantage of them all.

– Eileen Scharenbroch, Briggs & Stratton Corp.

…the sessions easily paid for the investment. Can’t imagine a better way to learn from the best in the business, and network with those serious about staying on top of the SEO/SEM industry.

– Frank Barnett, Speech Privacy Systems

Great information and great people who are dealing with many of the same issues…refreshing!

– Andrew Brewster, BV Consulting

Great conference. I would definitely attend again. There were several instances where I had a very tough time deciding which session to go to.

– Jack Ogilvie, Radiant Systems

I left SMX feeling refreshed, for lack of a better term. Not refreshed physcially, because I was pretty exhausted, but refreshed in terms of my attitude towards SEO. I felt much more engaged with the SEO community as a whole, and all of the things that are currently going on in the world of search. I definitely look forward to attending another conference like this, and would encourage you to do the same if possible.

– John Vantine, Wpromote


SMX East:

“Lots of great information. I came away with solid action items to implement on our site the will improve our search ranks. It was invaluable to our business!”

– Amy O’Brien, Yankee Publishing Inc

“Good speakers, and the ability to learn more about areas I don’t specialize in from the experts. “

– Kamilla Dynia, SmartPak Equine

“It was a well planned conference, engaged presenters and small; I found great the fact that there were clinics for the participants to ask questions.”

– Ana Aguilar-Hauke, One Pica Space

“I come every year. Always learn new things & make connections. Thank you!”

– Miriam Bakker, The Keyword Agency

“This was my first time at SMX East. It was amazing. The venue was great. The conference itself was amazing and I only had the free pass. I plan on getting a full pass next year and attending all days. “

– Daniel Freeman, STORIS

“Great opportunity to cross train our team and share knowledge with industry peers.”

– Jennifer Barry, DragonSearch

“The content is always solid. And the direct interaction with speakers and brands makes getting the worth out of the visit very easy. “

– Joe Martinez, Granular

“I attended the Advanced SEO Training workshop. Bruce Clay was awesome. Having good speakers like him make the event worth the time and travel. I learned a lot from him. I’m able to put the things I learned into action and share what I learned with colleagues to make our company better.”

– Kelly Law, Brawn Media

“Being able to meet withdraw different professionals from around the world and learn their tips and tricks was incredibly helpful. It’s always nice to get fresh perspectives on account management and this conference provided exactly that and gave me several things to bring back to my team.”

– Matt Davidson, BoomTown

“I found the information to be relevant and well presented. There was a good mix of the highly technical and non technical topics. I thought the sessions were a great mix of high level and low level learning. I enjoyed it enormously. “

– Michael Bellina, Migman Media, LLC

“This was my first time to the show. Even after have a free entrance pass, I learned much. Next year I plan to sign up for the premium entrance. The value received was sufficient enough to realize the value of a premium entrance. “

– Gary Rushin, CPA/CGMA

“Quality of panelists / presenters – the lineup featured some top names in the search space. Information presented on each topic was applicable and robust.”

– Matthew Van Voorst, Country Home Products, Inc.

For the third year in a row, I’m still trying to digest the information I learned a week later. I can’t wait to put it in action for my company!

– Nicki Hicks, flyte new media

Really outstanding conference – I’ll be returning next year!

– Stephanie Salmon, US News & World Report

I love the content of the show. For most of the time slots there were more than one session I wanted to go to! Overall, speakers were great. Audience questions were great. Vendors were great. Wonderful experience!

– Val Czamara, Eric Mower and Associates

My favorite thing about the show is… the fact that you learn what you aren’t doing and why you should be doing it! As a takeaway I had 5+ things that we have now started to implement to get our clients greater reach and visibility.

– Aimee Smith, Moore and Scarry Advertising

I found the speakers and their content to be both relevant and informative. I really enjoyed this conference and felt I learned a lot that I am able to use in my day-to-day work. I was very impressed with the speakers that presented and their ability to deliver real world examples that I could take back with me.

– Felicia Visser, Fiserv

Overall, an excellent experience. Well done to the team! I am certainly planning on returning next year.

– Matt Chamley, Webfirm

SMX is a great digital marketing conference, covering all aspects of the digital space – despite focusing in on how to rank competitively in Search Engines. I recommend it to any one serious about marketing – especially on the web.

– Tim Eschenauer, Austin & Williams


SMX Advanced Seattle:

The entire event was excellent!

– Erika Barbosa, Webroot

Great conference–you got a lot into two days.

– Dave Ekre, MassGeneral Hospital for children

Best SEO Conference I’ve been to. Love the in-depth analysis on specific SEO topics. Speakers were good and all had a convincing story to tell.

– Mike Tongwarin, Emerson

Content is excellent, not a sales show, presenters are highly knowledgeable and experienced. I’ve been to Advanced 4 times…will attend next year.

– Bob Lawkins, 1800Flowers

Loved it all.

– Scott Eggenberger, WGU

It was great. I love that workshops and sessions dive right into strategy. It was hugely valuable.

– Turner Sato, NurseGrid

Fantastic as usual from the content to the food! Great to learn from the best even as a 20 year veteran.

– David Temple, Universal Technical Institute

Love the in-depth content and tips. As long as the quality of content stays the same or better, I can honestly say that if I only had budget to go to one conference a year, it would be SMX Advanced.

– Scott Harris, Hobby Lobby

It was a great conference overall! I have tons of actionable tips and services I’m going to take a look at for my company and I’m excited to be a loyal annual attendee!

– Jacquelyn Pica, The Penny Hoarder

This was my first time at Advanced. I had been to SMX East before, but I was blown away with how much this conference matched my skill sets. I learned something from every SEM session. I felt like the group surrounding me were similar and that made for great networking and swapping ideas. Great job to all! Will definitely be back!

– Sarah Adamo, Hearst Digital Agency

Great, topics and speakers. I enjoyed the awards (great venue!) and the food was good.

– Patryk Prokopiuk, Omega Engineering

SMX Advanced was a professional gamechanger for me, and is truly in a league of its own when it comes to SEO conferences.

– Upasna Gautam, Ziff Davis

This was my first time attending SMX. I thought it was a great way to meet new people with the same interests and listen to amazing keynote speakers. I’M HOOKED!

– Chris Rosser, Moneytree, Inc.

We had a great time – all of the events were fantastic and we learned a ton. The Birds of a Feather lunches were a great idea to get like-minded people together, not only to connect but to share ideas, network, help each other out, etc.

– Stacy Kowalchuk, Trupanion

…the best networking opportunities with leading experts all in one place.

– David Reynolds, Reed Business Information

The amount of information and actionable ideas that you take away is outstanding and will hopefully make our company that much better.

– Bert Adam, Sierra Trading Post

I’m actually a little overwhelmed because I learned so many tactics I want to apply to our business. It was great to be around other SEO, SEM professionals like myself and brainstorm with them.

– Elesha Soldan, Buyseasons, Inc

Loved the show, though I wish there was more of me as I wanted to view multiple tracks that were going on at the same time.

– TJ Szymczak, YPM, Inc.

SMX Advanced is the show for folks interested in more than just basic industry information and expertise.

– Brian Ussery, Search Discovery Inc

Nice to pick up new tips and tricks as well as reassurance that I’m on the right track with a strong foundation. Invaluable for anyone who is serious about Search Marketing.

– Andrew Wong, Inflection

One of the best conferences I have attended (I attended many) and my third year for SMX Advanced. I value the advanced tracks with more advanced colleagues to network and learn from.

– Shannon Yelland, activestate

…the networking and socializing with my peer community is more than beyond invaluable to me… It’s downright priceless!

– Alan Bleiweiss, Search Marketing Wisdom

SMX Advanced is “the” conference of the year I suggest when I am asked the question: “What is the one conference you recommend I go to?” and I am ALWAYS asked the question. The networking opportunities, quality of speakers and information given is second to none.

– Matt Siltala, Dream Systems Media

I wish I had a clone with me. So much great content, speakers, and topics. I must say that the best information gained was during the networking events though; the contacts and conversations have been priceless.

– Zak Nicola, Kaseya

I love SMX – it should a priority event for any online marketing company!

– Scott Fish, EngineWorks

This was my first SMX show, and needless to say I’m hooked. I can’t get enough, I have turned into a Search Junkie!!

– Ryan Everhart, Omni Imaging LLC

SMX Advanced  may have been the best conference I have attended in the last few years. The speakers did a good job of providing high level content and there was plenty of time for conversations in between sessions.

– Arnie Kuenn, Vertical Measures

Thank you again for another year that has given me a list of action items, a brain full of ideas and a heart filled with motivation to achieve the best SEO practices.

– John Zarate, Veeco Instruments, Inc.

This was by far the best conference I have been to. I enjoyed not having to go through the basics of SEO and Social Media. It allowed for a lot more in-depth learning and even threw some things out that I had to look up!

– Ellen Wright, LA-CO Industries, Inc.

SMX Advanced was extremely organized, held in a great venue and was jam packed with valuable takeaways and networking opportunities for both seasoned SEOs and newbies!

– Alison Johnson, Carlson Marketing

All the speakers were very passionate and engaged in their fields/expertise.

– John Zarate, Veeco Instruments, Inc.

Overall I love the sessions, some really interesting topics and ideas being shared. Great access to all of the data from the website.

– Emma Cockburn, Resultrix



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