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February 19-21, 2020
San Jose Convention Center

SMX West 2020 Agenda

Stay tuned for the 2020 agenda! Want a taste of what’s in store? Check out the 2019 SMX West agenda below…

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

8:00-9:00Breakfast & Registration
9:00-9:45Keynote with Google: Assistance: The New Frontier
Marco Lenoci - Google  
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10:00-11:00Machine vs. Man: What Really Matters For SEO Success
Dave Davies - Beanstalk Internet Marketing, CEO  

Frédéric Dubut - Bing, Senior Program Manager  

Nagu Rangan - Bing, Senior Program Manager  

Lily Ray - Path Interactive, Director, SEO  

The Text Ad Reboot: How To Evaluate & Manage Your Current Options
Mark Irvine - WordStream, Sr Data Scientist  

Sean Murphy - Red Ventures, Senior Associate  

Maximize Conversions with Audience Targeting and 1-to-1 Ad-to-Page Personalization
11:15-12:15Mobile First Indexing & Mobile Friendly SEO
Eric Enge - Stone Temple Consulting, now a part of Perficient Digital, General Manager  

Max Prin - Merkle Inc., Head of Technical SEO  

Starting Fresh With Match Types & Account Structures
Ted Ives - SEMCopilot LLC, CEO  

Adam Seybold - DEG, Senior Paid Media Manager  

Mastering SEO Silos
Bruce Clay, Inc.
Why Search Marketers Make Great Video Marketers
1:15-2:15SEO Site Clinic
Dave Davies - Beanstalk Internet Marketing, CEO  

Lily Ray - Path Interactive, Director, SEO  

Ad Testing In A Multi-Format World
Cara deBeer - Catalyst, Partner, Paid Search Director  

Brad Geddes - Adalysis, Co-Founder  

Link Building Secrets SEOs Won't Share: How To Build A Link Profile That Rank
2:30-3:30Google's New Dynamic Rendering Workaround: A Must For JavaScript-Heavy Sites
Bartosz Goralewicz - Elephate, Co-Founder, Head of SEO  

Mark Munroe - SEORadar, CEO  

Getting Tactical With Google & Bing Audiences
Christi Olson - Microsoft, Search Evangelist  

Brooke Osmundson - NordicClick Interactive, Senior Digital Manager  

Rising Above the Pack: Content Marketing that Crushes It in 2019
Stone Temple – Now Part of Perficient Digital
3:30-4:00Refreshment Break
How Digital Agencies Are Changing
Marketing Land
4:00-5:00Optimizing Content For Voice Search & Virtual Assistants
Benu Aggarwal - Milestone, Inc, President & Founder  

Upasna Gautam - Ziff Davis, Manager, SEO  

Stephan Spencer - Science of SEO, Founder  

Aligning Your Marketing With Your Customer's Journey
Amanda Farley - SS Digital Media, Partner + Director of Digital Strategy  

Seth Meisel - Thrift Books Global, LLC, Senior Digital Marketing Manager  

Conversational Commerce Is Coming. Is Your Local Brand Ready?
Uberall Inc.
Networking Reception
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Technical SEO for Developers Community Meetup - Eric Enge, General Manager, Perficient

Enterprise SEO for In-housers Community Meetup - Jessica Bowman, Founder, SEOinhouse.com

Thursday, January 31, 2019

8:00-9:00Breakfast & Registration
9:00-9:45Keynote with Microsoft: The Quest For Intelligent Search
Junaid Ahmed - Microsoft  

Christi Olson - Microsoft  
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10:00-11:00Solving Complex SEO Problems When Standard Fixes Don't Apply
Sam Marsden - DeepCrawl, SEO & Content Manager  

Arsen Rabinovich - TopHatRank.com LLC, Founder/Director of SEO  

Driving Sales with Advanced Facebook & YouTube Tactics
Joe Martinez - Clix Marketing, Director of Client Strategy  

Michelle Morgan - Clix Marketing, Director of Client Services  

Protecting Your Clicks In A Highly Competitive Auction.
11:15-12:15Everything You Need To Know To Execute A Successful Site Migration
Bastian Grimm - Peak Ace AG, CEO & Director Organic Search  

Patrick Stox - IBM, Technical SEO  

Leveraging Amazon Ads & Other Product Marketplace Opportunities
Todd Bowman - Merkle, Senior Director, Amazon and eRetail  

Bryant Garvin - Pattern, Sr Director of ECommerce & Brand Advertising  

Bridging the Gap Between Technical SEO and Keyword Rankings
1:15-2:15Enterprise SEOs, Unite!
Sharon Conner - Autodesk, Manager – Search & CRO  

Eli Schwartz - SurveyMonkey, Director of Growth  

Jordan Silton - Apartments.com (Costar Group), Director, SEO Marketing  

SEM Tune-Up Clinic With The SMX Mechanics
Brad Geddes - AdAlysis, Co-Founder  

Brooke Osmundson - NordicClick Interactive, Senior Digital Manager  

Frederick Vallaeys - Optmyzr, Inc., CEO  

Leveraging Quora Ads in 2019: How to Find Your Audience and Drive Results
Quora Inc.
2:30-3:30Maximizing Visual Search Potential
Amy Balliett - Killer Infographics, CEO, Co-Founder, & Chief Swiss Army Knife  

Kristopher Jones - LSEO.com, Founder / CEO  

Competitive Analysis: Inside Out & Outside In
Sean Murphy - Red Ventures, Senior Associate  

Andrew Ramm - Alexa.com, President and General Manager  

Why Attribution Marketers Get Paid More (And How To Become One)
3:30-4:00Refreshment Break
4:00-5:00The New Realities Of Local Search
Dana DiTomaso - Kick Point Inc., President & Partner  

Damian Rollison - Brandify, VP Product  

Conrad Saam - Mockingbird, President  

Who You Gonna Trust? SEM Expert Roundtable
Robert Brady - Righteous Marketing, Founder  

Aaron Levy - Elite SEM, Manager of Client Strategy  

Michelle Morgan - Clix Marketing, Director of Client Services  

Friday, February 1, 2019


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