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March 13-15, 2018
San Jose Convention Center

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Get the Boss Onboard! Attend SMX West 2018

We see this scenario happen all the time: while you’re getting hyped up about SMX West, convincing your boss to send you to San Jose can be quite the challenge. The boss may be wondering if SMX West is worth their time and investment. Put your manager’s thoughts and concerns by demonstrating the value of attend the largest search marketing conference on the West Coast.

bulb-512Whether you have an open door policy with your boss, or if it is a formal relationship, we prepared this handy “Get Your Boss Onboard” letter to help you justify your trip.

Attend sessions that match your needs, experience level, and goals

Snapshot of the “Send Me My Agenda” tool

The SMX West agenda is packed with SEO and SEM tactic-rich sessions, which means there will be lots of actionable tips and best practices to support your marketing and sales goals.

With our “Send Me My Agenda” tool, you can handpick sessions that apply to your needs and goals and have your custom agenda emailed, so you can demonstrate how SMX West is applicable to your role.

At SMX West, we strive to deliver exceptional content that both equips you with the actionable SEO and SEM tactics that you need to be a better search marketer.

Networking is just as important…here’s why

"Obsessed with..." lunch tables
“Obsessed with…” lunch tables

Networking is really the cornerstone of SMX. Connecting with your search marketing peers is not only great for personal brand building, it is also your once-a-year opportunity to make new friends, partners, and drive awareness to your company.

There are plenty of fun networking activities that will be taking place at SMX West this year. Check back for updates to our networking schedule!

Identify the benefits that your boss would find with our networking activities. Are you seeking new partners or agencies? Be sure to be specific when communicating those goals to your boss.

Save on travel and accommodations

San Jose McEnery Convention Center
San Jose McEnery Convention Center

Not from San Jose? Then you’re probably facing a task list of expenses, from registering for a conference ticket, purchasing airfare, to booking a hotel. With all of these costs in mind, we understand your need for getting the most bang for your buck.

That’s why we worked closely with the San Jose Marriott on special rates. Take advantage of our $279/night room rate. But you can only lock in this rate at the time of registering for SMX West, or you can email registration@searchmarketingexpo.com.

You don’t have to break the bank to fly to San Jose either. Average airfare is $500 round trip.

bulb-512Find cheap tickets with Skyscanner and book at the best price!


Take a much deserved break to reinvent yourself

Getting some time outside of the office is rewarding. Your employer knows how valuable you are. So while there’s a cost associated with you being out of the office, it can present real value too.

Attending SMX West provides you with a platform to focus on different things that are outside your normal doings. Instead of engulfing in how to drive your CTRs or engagements for the month, take a step back and reevaluate how to do your job differently…and better. Consider this as the best 3 days in your career, where you’ll feed your obsession with SEO and SEM and learn proven tactics that will address the challenges you face with managing your campaigns.

For many search marketers, attending SMX West provides the perfect boost of tools and fresh ideas to inject into your campaigns and finish the year strong.

Just hear what past attendees had to say:

Raves For SMX West

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SMX West is hands down one of the best conferences for SEO and SEM managers due to the breadth of topics covered and excellent speakers talking about what's happening *RIGHT NOW*. What really helps me justify attending this conference is the networking opportunities with the speakers and attendees. Each year I go to the conference with questions and I'll meet multiple individuals who can help answer my question as well as provide a fresh perspective so that I can solve the issues at hand and have new tactics and ideas to take into my next fiscal year planning sessions.

- Christi O., Bing Ads

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I came away with a lot of action items that I could implement almost immediately. There were also good high-level discussions on strategy and the future of the industry.

- Andon C., Medical Practice and Research Group

bulb-512When you approach your boss, make sure you have a plan in place for how your tasks and campaigns will be managed while you are at SMX West. Being proactive and planning ahead will make your boss and team members very happy.
We know you get it: You’ll learn things and make connections at SMX West that will make you a more effective internet marketer.

If your supervisor needs some more convincing, we’ve prepared this letter to help you.

Just copy the content to e-mail or download the Word doc or PDF. Customize as you see fit, then send it on for approval. The reasons for coming and the expenses are itemized, so your supervisor will know exactly why you want to come and what it will cost!


Click Ctrl-C (⌘-C on a Mac) to copy/paste the contents below:

Tell me more about SMX West!

Get insider announcements, exclusive offers and breaking news.

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