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January 30-31, 2019
San Jose Convention Center

SMX West Theater Presentation Schedule

We won’t be hosting an SMX Theater at SMX West 2019. Stay tuned for news on when our next SMX Theater will take place!

Tuesday - March 13, 2018
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Bruce Clay, Inc.
WordPress SEO by Bruce Clay
Bruce Clay, Founder & President

Introducing a powerful new SEO plug-in for WordPress. Raffle prize: “Search Engine Optimization All-In-One for Dummies” book, written by Bruce Clay


How to Use Backlink Data for Influencer Marketing and PR
Mel Carson, U.S. Brand Ambassador

Good backlinks are more than just an indicator of good SEO, they can help with influencer discovery and PR. Join Mel Carson on a whirlwind tour of Majestic’s link tracking tools to see how your entire marketing department can use the power of backlinks to make your brand be more discoverable, shareable, and memorable.


Using Live Chat, Facebook Messenger and Text Messaging for Lead Generation
Kenneth Lee, Director of Marketing

We'll cover the shift in consumer behavior towards text-based communication, i.g., live chat, FB messenger, and text messaging. You'll learn how businesses are engaging prospects and moving them down the funnel via live messaging. Raffle Prize: $100 Amazon Gift Card


Will AI & Automation Replace SEM
Evan James, Product Marketing Lead

You’ve probably heard that artificial intelligence and machine learning are automating jobs in a number of industries. And now that these modern technologies have made their way to SEM, it begs the question: Is automation a threat to the future of the SEM professional?


BKA Content
What’s The Ideal Blog Post Length For SEO?
Greg Secrist, CEO

Due to the highly competitive nature of the SEO landscape, knowing the tricks of the trade that give your content the edge up on your competitors is what every content marketer seeks. Determining how long a blog should be is essential because it can affect budgets, posting frequency, and overall content marketing performance.


Crawl, Index, Rank: Reconcile Rankings with Technical SEO to Maximize Visibility in Search
Paul Grossi, Strategic Accounts Director

How is the health of your site impacting rankings? Too often, SEOs isolate technical SEO from rank strategy. The two are inseparable! And the most effective SEO strategies combine them.

Join this session to learn how your site's rankings are directly impacted by crawlability, site structure, content quality and indexability.

After this session, you will be able to:
- Tie technical SEO KPIs to rankings.
- Make data-driven decisions about ranking strategy based on site structure, content quality or site speed.
- Optimize crawlability and discoverability of content with SEO log file analysis.
- Manage indexibility of content, capturing factors like noindex tags and non-canonical pages that are less likely or ineligible to be included in search engine indices.


Call Tracking for Data Driven Marketers
Michael Hartman, Account Executive

Michael Hartman will share ways that agencies and brands can measure their marketing efforts and gain attribution for inbound phone calls. He will cover artificial intelligence and being more efficient with phone calls.


Machine Learning, AI and the Future of Search
Matt LeBaron, CEO


Stone Temple – Now Part of Perficient Digital
How the Voice Search Revolution Will Change the Digital Marketing Landscape
Eric Enge, General Manager

The voice revolution is coming faster than you think. With over 400M Google Assistant installs, and sales of Smart Speakers exploding, search is in the process of moving away from the browser and into a man-machine dialog. Come to this theater session to get ideas on what’s happening, and how to setup your business to thrive in this brave new world.


Dragon Metrics
International SEO: Optimizing Your Site For A Global Marketplace
Simon Lesser, Cofounder and CEO

It's a big world out there — if you're only optimizing your site for the US or Google you're missing out on a massive opportunity. Learn the top tips and considerations for optimizing your site for international audiences and non-Google search engines.


Faster Keyword Research With A.I.
Joseph Shih, Product Developer

Supercharge the keyword research for your SEO and PPC campaigns with Twinword Ideas. Use smart filters to quickly narrow down your keywords. Just pick a user intent, topic, or pattern and let our A.I. do the rest.


The Power Of Trust In The Customer Journey
David Arkow, Director of Sales

The customer journey is changing at an exceedingly rapid pace and it’s catching companies off-guard. Trust in advertising, marketing, and businesses is at an all time low and, coupled with the increasingly competitive e-commerce and digital space, companies are at a loss on the best way to convert their audience. Now, more than ever, a company’s reputation and the trust they’ve earned is the differentiator audiences are looking for. Businesses need to authentically show their audience what kind of company they are in order to win them over. Raffle: Boxanne Wireless Speaker

Wednesday - March 14, 2018
Time Theater A Theater B
10:15am - 10:30am

Augmented SEO: Message From The Data Frontline
Lionel Kappelhoff, VP Customer Success

This short talk will highlight the latest use case of actionnable Data for SEO. Francois Goube will share several use cases and metrics you can use to build the most efficient SEO roadmap. His goal is to help you predict your SEO ROI with confidence by combining multiple datasources such as logs, crawl, analytics and keywords data. Raffle prize: 3 month Pro+ subscription - Includes Log Files and Crawl Analysis

10:30am - 10:45am   

3 Key Elements Of Every Successful SEO Campaign In 2018
Joe Knipp, Account Manager

Find out what we’ve learned after 600+ managed SEO campaigns!


The Ultimate PPC Performance Benchmarks Revealed
Marc Poirier, Founder & VP Marketing

Ever wonder what a good click through rate (CTR) is for your industry? How do your KPIs stack up next to other competitors? Using data from 50 000 AdWords campaigns inside the Acquisio platform, we will unveil median KPIs across 12 industries. Don’t miss this data packed presentation and see how your PPC performance compares.


Page One Power
Link Building Case Study: Adding 300+ Homepage Keywords in 4 Months
Colby Stream, Project Manager

And not just any keywords — terms with significant search volume that matter to the website. Come learn how we did it, and how this method can be applied to almost any website.


Marin Software
Google + Facebook: Bridging the Search and Social Divide
Wes MacLaggan, SVP, Marketing

Over 75% of online time is spent on Google and Facebook. Captive audiences are there—but are advertisers taking the best steps to reach them, using the best possible targeting methods? Marin Software offers inside tips for bridging the search and social divide, allowing advertisers to transform search intent signals into robust—and revenue-generating—cross-channel campaigns. Raffle Prize: Flip 4 JBL Speaker


Steady Demand
Semantic Search Principals - How You Can Leverage Google Properties For SEO
Ben Fisher, Co-Founder

The core of Semantic Search is "Meaning", and for Google, this equates meaning to trust and relevancy. In this session, we will go over the core principals of Semantic Search along with case studies conducted together with Mike Blumenthal and Joy Hawkins that show the impact of words and engagement on Local Search using Google's owned properties. Additionally, we will introduce how emotional sentiment in copy can impact search as well.


Revolutionizing Search Intelligence with AI
Ashley Fletcher, VP Marketing

It's time to look at search intelligence through a new lens. With nearly 50% of all digital ad spend (that's a lot of billions) going to paid search campaigns annually, competition is increasingly fierce. Search remains the largest digital channel which is completely opaque. Join Adthena's VP of Marketing, Ashley Fletcher, for insights into how we are bringing clarity into a blind auction and changing the way advertisers manage competition with AI and Machine Learning.


Automating Projects, Services, and Operations
Tara Callinan, Communications Manager

Learn how automation can streamline your operations to reduce chaos and confusion by leveraging the power of smart technology to manage client relationships and/or internal work. Service Operations Automation enables you to manage projects, requests, retainers & more from one place, so you can finally have the right insight and tools to drive a more profitable operation.


Competitive Monitoring - How To Really Understand Why Rankings Change!
Mark Munroe, CEO

Most SEOs monitor rankings to see how their own websites rank and to understand the competitive landscape. When rankings change, SEOs typically examine algorithm changes or what changed on their own pages to analyze the drop or lift. However, to understand the change in the SERP, you also have to know what changed to the URLs in the SERP. Did your competitors improve content, optimize titles, add schemas, improve load time or something else? In this presentation, we will show you how to correlate keyword performance to on-page changes across the competitive landscape. Raffle: Apple Watch


On the Road with Waze: The Latest Insights About Drivers
Justin Nabozna, Head of Channel Sales NA

Join us to hear about the latest insights from Waze in this mobile-first world. Learn how our ad solution Waze Local can help your business to be seen and be found when drivers are searching for you on the map.


Improving Website CPA: Content, Promotion and Architecture
Jeremy Rivera, Director of SEO and Content Marketing

Learn how to improve your online marketing campaign by tying your website improvement efforts to a Cost of Acquisition metric. This helps you prioritize content, promotion and architecture decisions based on return on investment principles instead of chasing SEO fads and tactics dejour. Raffle Prize: 3 month free Raven tool

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