Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Sean Dolan

President, PushFire


Sean Dolan is the President & COO of PushFire. In 2003, on his way to a business degree, Sean accidentally landed himself a spot on the NBC reality show Fame. Realizing he craved a creative path, Sean entered show biz and took a gig working as a Promotions Assistant with Houston’s #1 Hit Music Station, 104 KRBE, which led to an on-air show called ‘Curbside’. As Sean made a name for himself in the Houston entertainment business as a well-known DJ, MC, and Corporate Director of Marketing for one of the area’s hottest nightclubs, he decided to mesh his musical, marketing, and business talents and turn his DJ hobby into a full-time business, Orangeman Productions.

Within a year, after successfully advertising his company via organic search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, friends began asking Sean to apply his online talents to their businesses. As a result, in 2009, Sean founded Ascendgence with then partner, Kevin Dolan.

Over the next several years, Sean would increasingly dedicate himself to the field of paid search marketing and find himself in the position of being an early pioneer of innovative remarketing strategies.

In 2012, Sean and his wife, Rae Hoffman, combined forces and clientele and Ascendgence became PushFire. Since then PushFire has worked with clients including Home Depot, Pittsburgh Steelers, and John Moore Services.

Each year, Sean’s family of five spends one month in a foreign country where they connect with local organizations to identify needs and help fill them. After family, and work, Sean spends the rest of his time training as a triathlete; biking, swimming, and running all over the greater Houston area.

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