Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Bryant Garvin

Sr Director of ECommerce & Brand Advertising,


Bryant has over 10 years of SEM experience under his belt he & is considered an "old timer". He has worked in-house for Fortune 500 companies like Choice Hotels, as well as up and coming media companies like Purch Group (TopTenReviews, etc.). Bryant has also been able to consult for both small and large advertisers, including GreenDot, PersonalCapital, CheckPeople, Infomercials Inc and more.

Bryant is a fanatic when it comes to the marriage of paid search and conversion rate optimization. Without the right messaging and design when a user gets to a landing page, you are essentially throwing money down the drain.

Bryant is the Chief Consultant at Bryant Garvin Consulting - where he works with companies to improve their ROI from their marketing activities. His focus on mobile user experience and conversion rate optimization makes him uniquely suited to help companies focus on the future. He is available for intensive full-day onsite consulting & training for your in-house teams. He is also available on a limited basis for short multi-month marketing consulting engagements.

When he isn't helping companies improve their bottom-line he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, & watching awesome movies.

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