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Jessica Thompson

Associate Features Editor, Search Engine Land


Hailing from the great and glorious Garden State, Jessica Thompson is a well-rounded digital media enthusiast with a keen interest in all things Internet marketing. She currently is Associate Features Editor at Marketing Land and Search Engine Land.

Jessica's love affair with digital media began back in the late 1990s, when she and a friend created their first website from scratch, featuring all manner of bizarre things from around New Jersey. Evidently, they were oblivious to the fact that someone had already done that.

Years later, Jessica earned her B.A. in English from Drew University and has since gone on to fill a wide variety of roles over the course of her career, including web designer, copywriter, editor, SEO consultant, online marketing specialist and marketing manager. Most recently, she worked at Advance Digital, where she conducted digital optimization training for journalists and provided high-level SEO and social media recommendations for 12 major regional news websites, including

When she's not hanging around on the Internet, Jessica enjoys reading, cooking, video games and suffering through B horror movies.

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