Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Matt Storms

SEO, SEM, Organic Growth Hacker, SEO Expert Witness,


Matt Storms is now at a TripAdvisor company. He first started working in the Internet Marketing arena in 2008 when he convinced his then employer to let him take a stab at rebuilding the company's website. He has since worked for various companies fine-tuning his skills and currently works as an independent SEO, SEM, Organic Growth Hacker & SEO Expert Litigation Witness in Silicon Valley. He is a Google Top Contributor where he is recognized as a Search Expert by Google. As a Google Top Contributor he has answered over 10,000 questions pro bono for webmasters in relation to SEO for Google to help businesses and individuals succeed.

Matt has worked with Fortune 500 companies down to small local businesses, generating in millions of dollars in revenue. Over the course of his career he has worked with a variety of industries always working in an ethical and honest manner to increase traffic and revenue.

Matt has a Bachelors of Science degree in Sports Marketing from The University of Utah. He served in the US Navy as an Air Traffic Controller and loves stress.

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