Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Daniel Gilbert

MD, Brainlabs


I studied Linguistics and Computational Linguistics at Oxford University which kicked off my fascination with language, science and technology. I joined Google on a grad scheme and within 2 years I'd designed changes to the AdWords and Analytics backend, as well as leading a project which delivered over $200 million in incremental annual revenue for the company.

After working on Quality Score and training the top agencies in the country, I grew frustrated at the lack of technical and mathematical expertise in the Paid Search industry. So I left Google to set up Brainlabs, the fastest growing agency in the UK. I've built a team of computer scientists, mathematicians and marketers with a mission to change the future of Paid Search. To date we've built and open-sourced a few thousand lines of code and shared tips and tactics that have been shared over 10,000 times.

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