Marketing Land Events Speaker:

John Cole

Chief Customer Officer, Ezoic


John is an entrepreneurial poacher turned gamekeeper. As the former head of a major ad network, John turned his industry expertise into opportunity as he co-founded Ezoic, the first artificial intelligence platform for digital publishers. John now serves as the Chief Customer Officer for Ezoic where he is responsible for nearly 30,000 digital publishers on the Ezoic platform. Equipped with the massive amount of DNS-level data at Ezoic, John is one of the world's foremost leading experts on how user experience affects things like website revenue and SEO.

Additionally, John has co-founded and sold several businesses throughout the course of his career and has a pragmatic view on all areas of his expertise. His currently is also the co-host of the popular 'Publisher Lab' podcast on iTunes (which receives approximately 5,000 downloads per episode).

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