Search Marketing Expo Speaker:

Bradley A Giddens

Horizon Media, Associate Director, SEO


I love what I do, this crazy thing we call SEO. For me, it's the perfect balance of creativity and constraint, research and development, web geekery and just damn cool. I love how the ecosystem is always changing; nothing is ever the same. (I also sometimes hate that the ecosystem is ALWAYS changing...) But most importantly, I love how SEO is not just a viable digital marketing channel to itself, but that it also helps support other digital marketing channels like Email Marketing, Social Media and Paid Search – especially Paid and Organic Search Synergies.

Who Am I? I'm a Digital Marketer (self-professed SEO geek) with over fifteen years of experience with sales, business development, eCommerce, acquisition marketing and account management. Oh, and SEO.

I partner with both clients and internal cross-functional business partners like Social Media, Paid Search, Bloggers & Copywriters, Site Merchandise, Information Technology and Web Developers to evangelize and collaborate on holistic and integrated digital strategies. These alignments support respective business goals and aim to lower costs and improve efficiencies in customer acquisition, conversion and retention rates. {insert mic drop here} Boom.