Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Sayf Sharif

Director of Analytics, Seer Interactive


Sayf entered Analytics through the most common scholastic path: archaeology. After grad school and working as an archaeologist for several years, studying how ancient humans used tools, Sayf hung up his bullwhip and began studying how modern humans use tools instead.

After working with several startups, Sayf co-founded an agency where for ten years he helped hundreds of businesses make data driven decisions to improve their digital presences. After that, he thrived for four years at LunaMetrics, a Google Analytics Certified Partner in Pittsburgh, leading teams of analysts and helping the company grow into one of the top GACP’s in the country. He is excited to be using his experience to help grow the analytics department at Seer.

Sayf’s personal life is dominated by his three children who prefer to sit on his shoulders like monkeys whenever they are able; this has gifted him an advanced knowledge of Minecraft and Pokemon. When not defeating Ender Dragons or Psychic Type Pokemon, he also likes long distance bike trips (his longest was a bike/camp trip from Pittsburgh to Washington DC in 4 days), Pitt Football, hunting in the northern woods of Wisconsin with friends, nerdy board games, and extremely nerdy strategy games.

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