Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Sajjan Kanukolanu

VP, Global Delivery|Digital, Position2


I am a marketer with business and technology background. For the past 16 years, I have been driving digital and marketing strategies for Fortune 500 firms and SMBs globally. I have held senior strategic and account roles in the US and Asia. A few companies I worked at include Ogilvy, NY; Didit, NY; Razorfish, Seattle; and Wunderman International, Delhi. Prior to making my way into the agency world, I was in product design.

As the VP, Global Delivery |Digital, at Position2, I head the end-to-end digital strategy and execution across Paid Ads, Content Marketing, Websites, Marketing Automation and UI/UX. As an agency veteran, I have worked on a large portfolio of B2C and B2B brands such as Allstate, SONY,, Cisco, AWS, AMEX, Fujitsu, Univ. of Phoenix, AT&T, Vonage, Nokia, and Siemens to name a few.

I have spoken at leading industry events such as SiriusDecisions and Google’s SMB events. Additionally, I have served as a panelist and a speaker on a wide range of Digital Marketing topics at various events in the US and Asia. I am a contributor to Position2 blog.

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