Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Jeremy Goodrich

Principal Growth Marketing Manager, Treasure Data


A marketing professional since college, Jeremy started out as a production engineer for TrafficLeader Inc in Eugene, Oregon after graduating University of Oregon with a Bachelor's in Spanish. After learning about SEO, he started building websites and learning how to hone his craft in creating websites that fulfill business objectives. In 2002 at QuinStreet he first started to manage SEM at scale with over a half a million dollar budget, promoting websites in the education, security and financial categories.

Eventually, he made his way to Yahoo in 2004 as their first internal SEO manager, focusing on the Shopping, Travel and Automotive verticals. During this time he learned a ton about search technology and deploying digital marketing at scale. After leaving Yahoo, he was self employed for five years running various digital businesses, all the while helping companies with both SEO and SEM strategies. He returned to the corporate world in 2011 as a marketing leader at Intuit, helping the team up-level their SEO and website performance in their Small Business Group, focusing mostly on their Quickbooks product. Since then, he's worked at multiple companies focusing on both SEM and SEO strategies depending on the role.

He's currently with Treasure Data, a leading Customer Data Platform and the creators of Fluentd, the open source unified logging layer adopted by over twenty thousand companies world wide. As player and coach of the digital marketing team, he splits his time between website optimization, SEO, SEM and display advertising.

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