Search Marketing Expo Speaker:

Sergio Cano

Wpromote LLC, Sr. Paid Search & CRO Manager


Sergio Cano is a Senior Paid Search & CRO Manager at Wpromote, a marketing agency based Los Angeles but spanning 8 offices nationally. Born and raised in Hollywood, CA, he holds dual degrees in Mathematics and Economics from UC Davis and has worked in the digital marketing space for several years. He has worked in several work environments ranging from corporate to small business and has held several positions ranging from Paid Search Manager, SEM Analyst, Marketing Manager, and Online Marketing Manager. Additionally, he has worked with brands such as Verizon Telematics, generating leads, brands such as Macy’s, Kohl’s, Foot Locker, Boost Mobile, Vera Bradley, ShoeBuy (now, and Michael Kors driving top-line affiliate sales across search, and younger brands such as Q-See and TPC Trainco driving sales across all paid search and media channels.

As a Senior Paid Search & CRO Manager, he provides deep data insights and top-line growth for all his accounts and where he goes by the motto: “let’s make every month, the best month ever.” He loves theorizing and devising new search strategies as well as analyzing competitive search result landscape for close study. Once, he added “(Recommended)” into his ad copy and his CTR jumped 316% and other affiliate marketers now adopted this practice. When he isn’t strategizing how he is going to best the previous month, he enjoys baking and creating complex excel spreadsheets to tackle real world problems. You can sometimes find him contributing in the AdWords and PPC Reddit community forums through troubleshooting, providing insights or scripts for PPC.

In 2017, he spoke at Hero Conf in Los Angeles and later in the year he oversaw the account team within Wpromote to win the Landy Award for SEM Agency of the Year.