Search Marketing Expo Speaker:

Karen Amundson

Apiary Digital, Founder & CEO


On paper, Karen Amundson might look like your typical marketing professional—a background in “nerding out” with Excel while managing Fortune 500 paid search campaigns; a position at a San Francisco B2B SaaS startup. But, there’s more than meets the eye.

Karen quit her job to travel the globe while picking up some remote consulting work, courtesy of supportive former colleagues. In the process of hitchhiking on mail trucks to work on New Zealand dairy farms, and tagging along with NGO workers to schools in a mangrove-ladened remote region of Bangladesh, Karen was exposed to relentless ingenuity and creativity which inspired her entrepreneurial thinking as she grew her consulting work from a solo endeavor into founding Apiary Digital, a collective of experienced professionals with backgrounds from brands like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Microsoft, and NASA. Within the first two years, the Apiary collective grew to 20 members responsible for managing multimillion dollar ad campaigns.

The Apiary collective doesn’t just deliver impressive results, such as doubling year-over-year leads for an enterprise B2B technology brand and achieving a 60% year-over-year revenue growth with an improved cost-per-booking for a global travel brand—Karen’s company is also reshaping what a “job” looks like, solidifying a model that enables top-performers to maintain high-impact careers while living out their stories—traveling the world, raising children, pursuing passion projects, and much more. These diverse experiences help fuel a deeper understanding of the audiences Karen and her company strive to captivate in marketing campaigns.