Search Marketing Expo Speaker:

Romain Damery

Path Interactive, Director of Technical SEO


Romain Damery is a Senior Strategist and Technical SEO Lead for digital marketing agency Path Interactive in New York, NY. With over a decade of agency-side and client-side marketing experience, his sweet spot is the overlap between the web technology stack and online marketing. He currently supports the agency’s organic search and digital content departments and oversees the most technical aspects of SEO for large ecommerce brands and enterprise clients where JavaScript-heavy websites and millions of pages are common environments. He is also passionate about automation, web performance, and speeding things up.

Romain also is a trusted Search Engine Land contributor and has been instrumental in winning many industry awards and recognition. When he’s not at the office geeking out on digital marketing strategy, hacks, and tools, he can likely be found traveling the world seeking new adventures!