Search Marketing Expo Speaker:

Andy Atkins-Kruger

WebCertain, Group CEO


Andy is the founder of Multilingual-Search and the Group CEO of based in the UK. His speciality is - not surprisingly - multilingual search and social marketing.

He began his career as a journalist, moved into advertising, then public relations founding a public relations consultancy in 1988. Subsequently he moved to the head the marketing team of European portable building brand leader - Portakabin - where he discovered "search" in early 1997.

He liked the performance of the search marketing agency he first used - then called - that in 2002 he bought the company and moved in changing its name in the process to following a market research exercise.

He speaks at many conferences around the world including Search Engine Strategies, SMX, Pubcon, Ad-Tech and many others and is a Multinational Search columnist at

He originally studied languages and whilst he doesn't claim to be fluent in them all - has a good knowledge of French, German, Dutch and Italian and a smattering of Russian - as well as knowing a little English! Married to an Austrian he lives in Yorkshire.