Search Marketing Expo Speaker:

Brian Piepgrass, Director of Online Marketing


Brian Piepgrass started his career in online marketing in 1999. Being an in-house professional, rather than an agency/firm/contractor, has given Brian the opportunity to hone his skills tackling the major SEO problems as they have changed through the years. In addition he has needed to tie traffic acquisition strategy directly to the company bottom line, and sell seemingly strange SEO requirements for site infrastructure, URLs, breadcrumbs etc. to many different internal stakeholders in order to drive exception traffic results.

Brian is currently Director of Marketing at, which launched less than two years ago and just recently exceeded 3MM unique visits/month. At Brian leads all SEO and online marketing and he strives to squeeze every last opportunity out of the site structure and page factors. He has grown intimate with the groovy technical details that are required to make a site which contains more than 1MM pages attract meaningful traffic in a very short period of time.

Prior to Uptake, Brian spent 5 years as the online market manager at ACD systems (a multi-million visit/month company in the digital photo space). He moved on from ACD to DivX, where he built out the digital download business of DivX Software. He later headed up online marketing for a new site,, a DivX Version of Youtube that relied heavily on SEO as a traffic acquisition channel. Under his marketing leadership, the site grew to 10MM unique visits/month, the 100th most trafficked website in the US. (Sadly this site had to shutter, due to bandwidth costs)