Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Ezra Silverton

President & Founder, 9th sphere


Ezra became involved with the World Wide Web in the early 1990's. Through reverse engineering he started building his own website and optimizing it for the search engines. Ezra focused on continual innovation that lead to inquires from major corporations who saw him as an innovator and solutions provider. The continued demand spurted the launch of 9th sphere. Today Ezra is the President of 9th sphere, Canada's largest web design and SEO company in Toronto, Canada, which is dedicated to building websites using crucial marketing tactics.

With an academic background in Marketing and eBusiness and experience in the Advertising industry, Ezra has a real passion for the balance between web technologies and marketing.

Although, he's the President and Founder of 9th sphere, his primary role is that of Website Architect in which he spends a lot of time strategically planning website architecture and overseeing overall quality assurance for pre-launch website projects. Ezra's approach is very tactical, based on both Internet marketing and information architecture best practices.

Ezra has been managing website projects from an architectural level for over 13 years. He's written blog posts on the subject at

Ezra has been featured on Toronto's AM 640 Radio, CTV News, The National Post and frequently contribute to publications such as The Mark and Visibility Magazine. He has had the pleasure of being interviewed by CTV, itWorld Canada, Backbone Magazine, ITBusiness and Web Host Industry Review about website best practices.

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