Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Marc Canabou

Vice President of Search Business, Yahoo


Marc Canabou has extensive knowledge of the search business from many facets, including operations, business, sales and more. He brings a unique perspective of where he sees search going in the future, what is changing for advertisers, and how both search engines and advertisers will both likely adapt to the evolving landscape.

Marc is Vice President, Search Business, at Yahoo! and is responsible for Yahoo!’s Americas Search Business operations. He works closely with Microsoft teams to operate and continuously improve the Yahoo! Bing Network to better service to advertisers. He is responsible for setting business targets that drive the overall business forward. Marc has extensive and intimate expertise with Yahoo! Search Advertising, previously leading product management and teams with global responsibility for matching, ranking, and pricing across Yahoo!’s multi-billion dollar search and contextual matching marketplaces. Prior to joining Yahoo! in 2006, Marc worked in product management at Intuit, NetIQ and HealthNet and as a venture capitalist for Earlybird LLC. He started his career as a management consultant with Booz Allen and Hamilton. Marc holds an MBA from Stanford and a BA from UC Berkeley where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa.

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