Search Marketing Expo Speaker:

Rob Cooley

OptiMine Software, Inc., Chief Technology Officer


OptiMine CTO Dr. Rob Cooley received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota in 2000. He has 20 years of experience managing projects and analyzing data in a variety of fields, including advertising, CRM, e-commerce, unstructured text, and nuclear engineering. His Ph.D. dissertation is widely regarded as some of the seminal work in Web Mining, and his papers are often quoted as original references on topics such as Web Usage Mining and pre-processing for Web Mining.

Before founding OptiMine Software, Dr. Cooley ran the North American services for KXEN, a data mining tool vendor acquired by SAP. Prior to KXEN, Dr. Cooley was the Director of Data Mining for Outride Inc., a Xerox PARC spin-off specializing in personalized search technologies that was sold to Google in 2001. Previously, as a software engineer at Mitre Corporation, he designed and delivered text mining software, which automatically creates human understandable topic descriptions from sets of intelligence reports. Dr. Cooley started his career as a US Naval Officer, with project management responsibility for reactor plant systems, preventive maintenance, and aging analysis for several classes of nuclear powered submarines.

In addition to a Ph.D., Dr. Cooley holds an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota, an M. Eng in Nuclear Engineering from the Bettis Reactor Engineering School, and a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Cornell University. He has been licensed as a Professional Mechanical Engineer in the states of Minnesota and Virginia.