Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Adam Ware

CEO, SwellPath


Adam Ware started his professional career as a web developer, hacking together a .com ecommerce site that ultimately would implode with the bubble burst of 2001. Two key takeaways from that experience were an ability to work extensively with relational databases, and an extensive understanding of JavaScript based web analytics tracking.

Leveraging those takeaways, Adam transitioned into consulting roles, initially more technical, but eventually more marketing-oriented. This included a stint at Webtrends handling the web analytics strategy and business analysis for enterprise clients, a couple of director roles at ecommerce organizations, and finally as one of the founders, and now CEO, of SwellPath.

SwellPath began as a digital measurement and search marketing agency, but has used customer development to evolve into a new type of organization – one where the focus is on a combination of innovative reporting tools and smart digital analysts, and the output is sensible data that organizations can actually use to evolve their businesses.

SwellPath works almost exclusively with companies using Google Analytics, and Adam has extensive experience with the most advanced and technical aspects of Google Analytics. From implementation through analysis; Adam understands the ins-and-outs of Google Analytics, and how to make it a viable analytics option for enterprises and medium businesses.

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