Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Jake Goldblum

VP Of Ecommerce, Empire Covers


Jake Goldblum has over 7 years of Internet marketing and Internet retail experience. In 2005, he founded, a leading online retailer of protective covers for automobiles, motorcycles and boats.

In 2010 he started, a leading online retailer of patio and furniture covers. Empire is expanding the product offerings on these sites and exploring other related vertical niches. Both businesses have experienced strong growth in revenue and have secured and maintained top SEO ranking for their targeted key terms.

Jake's main skills are direct to consumer ecommerce, SEO and small product fulfillment. However, Jake attributes most of his success in the business to his strong in-house team of designers, developers and customer service professionals who make the sites the go-to authority on protective covers. Jake is anxious to share his e-commerce know how with our audience.

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