Marketing Land Events Speaker:

Bibi Mukherjee

founder, Curve Trends Marketing


Bibi Mukherjee is the founder of Curve Trends Marketing ( ,a Burlington, Vermont based digital marketing agency- integrating disciplines from media planning and brand identity to search marketing, driving both organic and paid search, digital advertising, social media marketing and web analytics. Curve Trends Marketing serves clientele ranging from education and hospitality to outdoor gear and adventure travel industries, both in retail and direct marketing environment . Bibi,a mechanical engineer started her career as an Industrial Market Researcher with Nielsen, India. During the late nineties and early 2000 ,she made a natural transition into the search and digital media world. With over 17 years of market research and digital marketing experience, Bibi has now developed and led implementations for multitude of marketing campaigns, working closely with global and national brands. She was also the pioneer in organizing the first Vermont Web Marketing summit for the search marketers and industry members of the region. A team of leading industry experts spoke at the conference that attracted a tremendous amount of positive response not only from the local industry but also from the local media outlets. (this is just one of the many press responses to the VT web marketing summit). The Vermont Web Marketing Summit ( is an annual event every year in fall.

An active blogger, a digital advertising enthusiast and a passionate speaker at several industry conferences, Bibi is ambitious about the increasing influence of digital media and its effective measurement techniques in driving goals and continues to share her innovative approach with clients, peers and associates. Learn more on her speaking engagements -

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